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October 14, 2011

Johnson Wagner


Q. Second round 67, you're 6-under par here at the halfway point. That's solid play.
JOHNSON WAGNER: I played really nicely. I've got a lot of connections down here to this area.

Q. Which PGA TOUR player doesn't?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Exactly. But it's always fun playing here. I've played a lot on this golf course, so I feel very comfortable and just having a real fun week down here at the same time.

Q. What was the key to your round today? I understand you had a tough putt to make at the first, the 10th hole today.
JOHNSON WAGNER: Yeah, my first hole today was No. 1, and I had -- yeah, I had about a ten-footer, hit a bad chip, and luckily drained it right in the middle and got me going, got me kind of settled down. It was windy, it was tough out there, and I just stayed patient, hit fairways, hit greens, and putts went in when they needed to.

Q. Eventually that paid off, that strategy; you birdied three of the last four, and the wind was kicking up by the end?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Fortunately finishing on the back side those holes were playing downwind, so I had a reachable par-5, a short par-4, and then 18 played very short, as well. I was kind of trying to be as patient as I could on the back because going out it's very windy, straight into the wind, and I knew once I turned downwind I'd have some good opportunities.

Q. Are you going to go home and watch these guys struggle as the wind kicks up this afternoon or what do you have planned?
JOHNSON WAGNER: I don't know, maybe trip over to Jekyll Island, go see some sights, take my son to the beach or something. I don't know, practice and have some fun.

Q. Obviously a great start to the year. What would it mean to close it off with a really good finish here at the end?
JOHNSON WAGNER: It's important. I've worked hard this year, and I had obviously a win early, but I haven't accomplished everything I've wanted to. It would be nice to have a couple good weeks closing out the year and get some momentum going into next year.

Q. Talk about your connections here, Sea Island and St. Simons Island. What are those?
JOHNSON WAGNER: My management group, Crown Management, is faced out of St. Simons, so we've got 12 guys on our roster, and more now, but I used to come down here a lot to practice and get ready, and it's just kind of a good place to come hang out.

Q. How many rounds would you say overall you've played here at Seaside?
JOHNSON WAGNER: Including last year's tournament, probably 20.

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