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October 14, 2011

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: Early on today I made some bad swings but was able to recover, and a couple good up-and-downs kind of kept the round going. It played tough today because of the wind, and it was hard to keep -- the fairways are -- I don't want to say they're wide, but the landing areas are relatively wide. I still found a way to miss a few. And the greens are tough, and I think they're very difficult to putt.

Q. How different was the wind today? Obviously it was blowing a lot more intense today.
JIM FURYK: It was, and it just made it difficult to get the ball close. I think there were some difficult pins today. They were kind of on ledges and shelves, and it felt like I had a lot of putts that played to the fat part of the green, felt like I had to putt uphill into the grain and then cresting and then downhill, downgrain and in. It was difficult to get the speed on them. You know, wind made it tough to get it close, but then I think it also made it very difficult to putt.

Q. Where is your putting right now?
JIM FURYK: Better. I putted very solid. Started out three-putting today. I missed a little one, like a three-footer on 10 this morning, but from that point on I felt like I hit a lot of good putts, and I really kept my round going knocking in some six, seven, eight-footers and getting the ball up-and-down. It was solid today.

Q. And the leaders aren't too far away, you can still see them?
JIM FURYK: I can still see them, but we'll see what this wind does. From our perspective we want to see it stay up and not let them get too far away, but if it lays down a little bit we'll have a lot of work to do.

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