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October 14, 2011

Lucas Glover


LUCAS GLOVER: It was tough. I gave myself a lot of opportunities and burned a lot of edges again. Looking forward to tomorrow, maybe get some of those putts to go in. A couple mental errors starting the front, my back nine, and made two bad bogeys. But I played well. I brought it back with birdies on 6 and 7, so I'm pleased.

Q. I was going to ask you about your putting because you were close. You were right there.
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, yesterday and today, and it kind of bothers me, living here and playing here a lot, I have a lot of difficulty reading these greens. Yesterday and today it felt like I'd read it left edge and it would break a ball, or I'd read it a ball and it should have been an edge putt or something. Just wasn't quite on it. I'll take a little closer look at it tomorrow and hopefully we can sneak some of those 10- to 20-footers in. Good shots in wind like this sometimes are 20 feet. If you're going to make a bunch of birdies, you've got to make some of those.

Q. And the leaders are in your sights, not too far away?
LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, I got it to 4 there on the turn and was really pressing to get a couple more, and the shouldn't have gone at the flag on 2 and a bad putt on 3 kind of dropped me back. I was happy with the way I came back and closed with a couple birdies and a couple nice pars, so pretty excited.

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