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June 2, 2001

Ray Bourque

Patrick Roy

Joe Sakic


Q. Can you describe what happened on the tying goal?

PATRICK ROY: Yeah, it was kind of a self-dump. I went outside. Was going to throw it on my forehand but there was nobody there. I tried to bring it back and throw it to Rob Blake, but I thought I had more time and they put pressure on me and the puck was just jammed in my feet. I couldn't do anything with it.

Q. Is there an emptier feeling there or a lonelier feeling when something like that happens?

PATRICK ROY: Not really. I am there to help. I have to go. These are plays that I have to make and of course, I wish I made a better decision, but I am working too hard out there to feel sorry for myself. It was a 2-2 game and it was still there for us.

Q. There is talk constantly about appreciating you helping take the pressure off from the forechecking and everything else. Sometimes when that kind of thing happens do you ever wonder you need to --

PATRICK ROY: When that happened, it didn't change my play. I still was going outside, but I just understood that on that maybe I should have throw it on my forehand but there was nobody there. Even if I throw it there, they would have got the puck, the puck would have stayed in the zone but at least I would have time to go back in my net.

Q. Ray, you have had a couple of powerplay moments in the series but by and large the numbers aren't there overall. Do you think that this series might be more in control if the powerplay was a bit more up to standard?

RAY BOURQUE: I think the special teams are huge on both sides. I think the end of the second period I think we had a powerplay. We were up 2-1 and that would have been a huge moment to score a powerplay goal where we could have gone ahead by two. But I mean, the special teams weren't the difference tonight. I think we were a step behind all night and left really Patty to dry, Patty was by himself at the podium that's the way he was out there during the game tonight. That would have been highway robbery if we would have snuck that one out and Patty gave us a chance to win tonight. It was really not a very good game on our part. We got to regroup and come back a lot better in the next one.

Q. Joe, do you have any explanation for the inconsistency the way this team has played over the past four games?

JOE SAKIC: Well, there's no explanation. We were not very good. We are terrible tonight, they had their legs, they took the play to us. I think all four games it's the winners that really dictated the play and they dictated it tonight. Once they got that shorthanded goal there, to tie it at 1-1 I thought from then on they just had all the energy and we didn't regroup enough.

Q. Patrick, once you lost control of the puck you saw the play developing, did you have a feeling of oh no, not again line the last game?

PATRICK ROY: No, not really. Last game I was mad because I should not have been there. It was a bad decision by my part. But today I had to go. If I don't go they got the puck and they might have -- probably would have a scoring chance out of it at least. Today I went there and on that may I mean, you know, of course, you know, when you have a second chance you might do things different but you don't have a second chance in the game. You think you do what you think is the best and I was there to help the defenseman and as good as I could I was going to try to give it to Rob and the puck was bouncing. It was just jammed like I said jammed in my feet. I wish I just put it back, but I tried to get it behind but it was impossible.

Q. Ray, could you just talk about the momentum swing? Here you were ten minutes away from taking almost a stranglehold on the series all of a sudden you find yourself tied up in the series.

RAY BOURQUE: That's the Playoffs. You feel sky high when you win and when you lose it's tough. But you have got to keep an even keel and just roll with the punches and regroup when you have to and try to keep it going when you are doing well. The two games we lost we could have played a lot better. The two games we won, we took it to them pretty good. We knew we were up against a great hockey team that would come out strong tonight and it's a 2-2 series and we just got to go to the next one and play a lot better and play like we can and take the play to them.

Q. (Inaudible) Cup Finals series you have been this is this shaping up as being the most competitive?

PATRICK ROY: We had great balance with battles when I was with Montreal, you know, it's a great series, I think both teams has been inconsistent but I think every game are pretty good and pretty interesting to watch.

Q. Do you feel for Patrick as well as he played tonight keeping you guys in the game and it ends up being a fluky thing like that that cost you?

JOE SAKIC: No question. As players we are very disappointed the way we performed, the way Patty played he gave us a chance to win and I mean, what did we have 12 shots or something like, that that is not going to cut it. As players, we have to do a better job of obviously we have to play a lot better next game for Patrick.

Q. Can you talk about the punch, counterpunch way the series has gone? It seems each game the other team comes back and just finds a way to get the job done no matter how the series has gone.

RAY BOURQUE: I think both teams have responded pretty well after a loss. We did after Game 2 and they did tonight and/or I mean, Game 3. Game 3 and they did in Game 2 and Game 4. I hope it continues and we respond in Game 5 because we got to play a lot better and you know, I think both teams know the situation and get desperate. We seem to you know, after a win we -- we don't come out as well. In Game 2 we came out pretty hard, but kind of fell off halfway through that first period, but tonight we didn't have a chance and like I said, if it wasn't for Patrick, you know, you guys talk about that bounce or that play, but I mean, without him we don't even have a chance. That's a blowout tonight. So I really don't look at that play as being a being a big factor in that game. If it wasn't for him we are not in that position.

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