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October 13, 2011

Thomas Bjorn


Q. 7-under par, sum it up for us if you would?
THOMAS BJÖRN: It was pretty good early on. Holed a few nice putts early on and got going and got a bit scruffy on the last three or four holes but all in all a good day's work. I putted nicely and that's what you need to do around here, and you've got plenty of chances. So I was quite happy with the day.

Q. You've had a lot of wins on the Tour, you're a prolific winner. At the start of the season, if I said to you, you were going to have all of these wins and play well come this time of year, would you have believed me or are you not surprised whatsoever?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I think you always, when you play this game, even when you go through rough times you believe that it's going to turn around at some stage. I've always worked hard and I believe in what I'm doing. So I was believing that it was going to turn around.
But if you said to me, I was going to win three times this year, I would probably laugh, but I would have taken it, that's for sure.

Q. You've played very well coming in, you made birdies out there, although I thought there was a lot more birdies for you out there in the early stages of the day. You missed a few coming in. It looked to me, is it right, in saying that the greens started to chop up a little?
THOMAS BJÖRN: No, I wouldn't say so. I think they rolled very well all day. They are a little bit soft, so you're going to have a few spike marks here and there. But in general I thought they were fantastic.

Q. How do you reflect on a round like that?
THOMAS BJÖRN: I played nicely early on, and rolled in a few good putts and got a bit scruffy right at the end. But Ross at my side, we were all doing very well, and that always helps a little bit. You felt the golf course was there for the taking this morning. You probably needed to shoot a decent number to feel like you were right there with where you want to be in the golf tournament. So I'm happy with today. So it was good.

Q. Ross suggested that you were egging each other on, and playing with Simon Dyson at a good pace, as well.
THOMAS BJÖRN: Yeah, we played at a very good pace and I think that always helps. Yeah, we were there a little bit for each other today which was nice. He played probably as super at I've seen him play for a long time. He easily have shot two or three better where I'm happy with what I got out of the round.

Q. Last time you had a new man on the round, you won that very week; tell us the story?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Luke Donald's caddie, John McLaren, is getting married on Saturday. So he said from the beginning that he would not be seeing me in Portugal. So I brought a good friend of mine down from home just to have a nice week in the sun and hopefully week produce on the golf course. But it was more just to have a nice week.

Q. I gather from one of your countryman, a friend you've known for some time, who used to caddie on the ladies tour?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Well, he lives with a Swedish lady that used to play on the ladies tour. So he's caddied for her a few times. He knows his way around which is nice. He doesn't get in the way and he knows what to do on a golf course. I think you need, that especially when you play with good players like Ross and Simon, you need to know what you're doing on the golf course. But we enjoyed the day and we'll try and kick on from there.

Q. Win No. 4?
THOMAS BJÖRN: Hopefully it will come at some stage but we'll just take a 65 at the moment.

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