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October 13, 2011

James Kingston


Q. Ask you to reflect on how well you played today.
JAMES KINGSTON: It was a really nice round of golf. I played really steadily, gave myself so many chances and yeah, it was enjoyable.

Q. That run of birdies in the middle of it; lovely.
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, it was after a bit of a frustrating start because I felt like I could have done a little bit earlier in the round didn't get anything going and all of a sudden, I made one or two, and got some really good iron shots, got really close and kept going from there. Five in a row, which is nice. Co and then another few coming in which was nice.

Q. Was that the hallmark, the approach shots, just giving yourself the opportunities?
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I think I just put the ball in play most of the day off the tee. Gave myself some really good approach shots into the greens. Hit some really good pitch shots and I rolled the ball decent today.

Q. Course there for the taking?
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. Actually I was surprised to see that somebody has not gone even lower than that yet. Especially with the really benign conditions this morning, the course was in great condition.

Q. And the likelihood is the wind is picking up just that bit now and could be trickier for the afternoon guys.
JAMES KINGSTON: Yeah, I'm sure it will, but I guess that's what we are going to expect for the rest of the week anyway. So we are probably going to have to play some tomorrow.

Q. How would you reflect on the last few weeks, probably thought you would kickoff from the KLM Open and probably has not quite happened.
JAMES KINGSTON: Played great golf at the Dunhill Links and just couldn't convert anything. Probably one of the most frustrating weeks of this year. And basically the same last week. Walked away from both events feeling I've played reasonably well, not reasonably well, in fact, pretty well. And just haven't converted anything. Haven't put the scores on the board; to have missed both cuts by a shot is just -- feels sickening. But, that's the game.

Q. But you keep the confidence up and here you are again.
JAMES KINGSTON: Absolutely. Keep doing the same things. Give it some time, has to change.

Q. How was that for you today?
JAMES KINGSTON: It was awesome. It's nice to come off a golf course having shot 64. Great conditions. We got out with absolute perfect conditions this morning, course was in great shape. Just a nice day.

Q. And have you got a nice gentle glow over you now because the wind is starting to get up?
JAMES KINGSTON: I'm sure tomorrow I'm going to have to play on that side. You don't want to wish anything bad upon anything else, but the wind is picking up a little bit and it does make a few shots play a little different out there. But it's also the kind of course that probably needs a little bit of wind, sometimes makes it play easier than without any wind at all.

Q. How about your play the last few months?
JAMES KINGSTON: Been playing nicely. Just reflecting on the last two weeks, Dunhill Links and last week, I felt like I played really good golf; to miss both cuts by a shot feels sickening but that's part of the game. Just couldn't put the scores on the board and this week we have. Hopefully it changes from here on in.

Q. What's the best part of your game right now?
JAMES KINGSTON: I think tee-to-green I'm hitting it really solid. I'm not making too many mistakes. The moment I get the putting going, hit a few good iron shots, it changes the scoreboard and that's what I've got to keep doing.

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