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October 13, 2011

Felipe Aguilar


Q. How good was that today?
FELIPE AGUILAR: It was good, I was telling my caddie I didn't feel very good my swing today but you know how this game is, something happens out there, you're still making a couple of birdies and everything switches. I played quite solid and I had a good up-and-down on 1 and everything was pretty solid from there on.
Pretty much holed my birdies except for No. 3, two metres, a metre and a half. So I putted really solid and hit it really good. I bogeyed 16 after I missed a tee shot and sometimes you get a bad lie out of the rough and it was difficult there. But I'm quite pleased. It's just a start.
It's a good start. My stats said that my difficult days are Fridays, so we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. It's important to get off to a good start any week, but here, you just know the importance of shooting low, don't you?
FELIPE AGUILAR: Yeah, well, this course, if you strategically play well, and you are putting okay, you can shoot really, really low and having a start like this, it means that you're doing things the right way.
It was a good practise on Tuesday and we stuck to the strategic.

Q. And so much of this game is played in the head so when you get up-and-down like that out of the first, does it just make you feel good, and this to be your day?
FELIPE AGUILAR: The way I've been playing this year, I've been taking everything so much easier that if I missed a couple of greens on the first couple of holes, I go, okay, the worst thing that can happen, just bogey, lots of holes to go.
The first hole I missed the green; I said bogey is the worst I can do. This course, you can play with them and make a lot of birdies. So you have a bad start with a couple of bogeys, you can bring them back.

Q. But by the same token if you think, oh, there's so many birdies to be had here, any bogey, how do you manage that?
FELIPE AGUILAR: At the beginning you still think you can make a couple of birdies coming in. But then again, if you see the course is playing easy, there is no wind and you're not making birdies, you're starting to put a little extra pressure and hopefully won't happen this week but didn't feel it today.

Q. You said about a relaxed year, so how do you look back on the way 2011 has gone for you?
FELIPE AGUILAR: It's been much better after finishing last year, keeping one before the last card, number last year, I kind of went back home trying to figure out what happened, and brought a new putting coach into my staff. Putting was an issue last year. My head was an issue last year because I had a bad start. And obviously when you stand to lose your card and all of the things you're going to start losing if you lose your card, and you have to go to The Challenge Tour, not that I'm afraid to go to The Challenge Tour, but you lose all this, great weather, great golf course and you're well treated out here.
I realised that I had to do some changes on my swing, I needed to do some changes on the way I was practising. It happened and it happened quicker than what I thought, having a third place in Malaga just helped me out.

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