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June 9, 2001

Ray Bourque

Dave Reid

Turner Stevenson


Q. 3-1 for the Colorado Avalanche, Dave Reid won the Stanley Cup as member of the Dallas Stars. Dave, in a situation that appears to be frantic at times, what do you think is important to remember most of all?

DAVE REID: Well, you can't worry about the outcome. You have got just think of winning your shift and winning the period. We have been saying that all along, we have been pretty solid. You can't worry about what happens at the end of the game. You have got to worry about what you are doing on the ice and your next shift. We have been focusing on that, for about three days we have been doing that. We have been executing pretty good. This period has to be the best period of the year, no question.

Q. You are a veteran player; you won the Cup. You were a teammate of Ray Bourque. Is there a common sense of purpose in your room and does it involve Ray Bourque?

DAVE REID: That's definitely a common sense of purpose with Ray. There's also a lot of other guys who haven't won the Cup and a lot of other guys we talk about, you get this opportunity, you may never be back. We have to take advantage of the opportunity and you put it all together and you know, we want it like nothing else.

Q. It seems as though the effort has been there and suddenly you found yourselves down 3-0. How would you account for that?

TURNER STEVENSON: I think they got a few on -- one on the powerplay there kind of took the wind out of our sails. We have been battling hard. Our powerplay came back and scored, just got to get a couple by Patrick. He has been making big saves, but for the most part we have been playing our game here and hopefully it will come in the third here. If we continue the same some kind of pressure, we will be fine in the third period.

Q. You had the Avalanche back on their heels to close the second period. Anything more you can do in defense of the Championship?

TURNER STEVENSON: We just have to stay with it. I think may not pay off -- we have to go back to that game in Jersey Game 4 when it took us 56 minutes before we took the lead, so that's the kind of game we have to play tonight. Keep wearing on them. We know Bourque, Foote, and Blake are playing a lot of minutes back there so we are on them, get them tired for the third, we will be okay.

RAY BOURQUE: Second by second, just keep playing the way we are. We are playing a good, strong, defensive game and got to keep going at them. Can't sit back and try create get the next one.

Q. You said this morning you'd probably say something to the team prior to the game. Can you share that with us?

RAY BOURQUE: No, I mean, you know, the old saying what is said in the room room stays in the room.

Q. Nothing left to be said even if you are not going to share with us, will you say anything now going into the third?

RAY BOURQUE: I will talk to you after the third, I hope.

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