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October 12, 2011

Davis Love III


JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Davis Love into the media center here, our host of the McGladrey Classic. Phenomenal field this week. Comment a little bit about the week as a whole.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, everything is going great. First of all, we were blessed that the weather from Orlando and Jacksonville that we thought we were going to get avoided us somehow, and we're off to a great start again. We had a great Monday little pro-am and a great party last night and a great pro-am so far today. So we're off to a great start, and the McGladrey team and our team and the PGA TOUR and Sea Island just have pulled it all together again.
We're really excited about getting the week kicked off with the Darius concert and then real golf tomorrow. So we're excited about it.
JOHN BUSH: Hosting duties aside, let's talk about your expectations for the week.
DAVIS LOVE III: Well, we've got a great field, so this would be a nice tournament to win, to be competitive in, because it's one of the -- obviously the strongest of the fall, and one of the top tournaments of the year, a great field and great golf course, and I'd like to play well.
I'm more prepared this year for sure. Last year I hadn't hit very many balls. I hit a few with Dustin Johnson's clubs a couple nights at the Ryder Cup, and other than that I was pretty rusty. But I'm more prepared and excited about it.
I've got a good caddie, my son, who knows these greens better than most, so hopefully he can help me a little bit. It ought to be a fun week.

Q. How was the summer as far as growing grass out there, and what kind of condition is the course in? Is it going to play any different in any tangible way from last year?
DAVIS LOVE III: It's going to play -- well, tomorrow for sure, hopefully it'll keep drying out, tomorrow is going to play very different than last year. Last year was firm and fast when I showed up, again, from the Ryder Cup, and no practice rounds, and I got out there on Wednesday, I was blown away. I had never hit 3-irons off of 13 and I never played as conservative off the tee on this golf course as I did last year. It was real important to be in the fairway, and the ball was running. Now it's soft and squishy from all that rain.
And we did have a challenging growing summer, but they've done an incredible job. Last year it was in great shape and couldn't have been much better. This year they've added a first cut all the way through the fairways around the bunkers. The course is in better shape than last year if it could be. The greens were so fast when Lucas and Jim Furyk and I played last week. They were tournament speed last Thursday, and they've just been trying to maintain that.
My amateurs I played with today said they'd never putted on as good a Bermuda greens. Everything course wise is great. We're lucky that that northeast wind quit blowing. The golf course doesn't play that much fun in 20-mile-an-hour, 30-mile-an-hour northeast winds, so we're glad that it's turned around the other way. Berry Collett and his crew last year in a challenging situation gave us a great golf course, and it's even better this year.

Q. This isn't Drew's first time caddying for you, is it?
DAVIS LOVE III: It's his first time caddying in a real tournament where he had to carry the bag all the way around. He's caddied in a few little pro-am things, small bag, but it's funny how it turned out. Brandt Snedeker has Todd Anderson caddying for him, so we got paired together, so we have two basically rookie caddies in the group, so they're going to be relying on Damon Green to rake the bunkers and tell them where to stand and stuff like that. And my son, I have the McGladrey Caddie For Love guy today, so Drew is going to be a for-real rookie tomorrow, but it'll be fun. He's obviously a pretty good golfer. He knows where to stand and knows what clubs I should hit. He'll do a good job caddying. He'll probably get tired, but he'll do a good job.

Q. What would it mean for you, this being the second year of the tournament, to be able to win your own tournament? Have you thought about what that might be like?
DAVIS LOVE III: Yeah, I know what it feels like to win. I'm few and far between the last five years, so I want to win. I want to win. Winning here would be a lot of fun. Even winning at Disney next week would be a lot of fun, too. But it would mean a lot to win on your home course. It would be incredible to win with Drew on the bag.
But it's going to be incredible to put him inside the ropes with Zach Johnson and Brandt Snedeker because he watches dad play and he plays with those guys, and he's lucky he gets to play with Lucas Glover when he goes out to the golf course to find somebody to play with. But he needs to see how we compete, what it means to play a PGA TOUR round, and how -- I can't wait for him to see how precise Zach Johnson is in everything he does for 36 holes. He's going to be -- Zach playing a round at Sea Island with Drew is pretty impressive, but Zach is a different person in a PGA TOUR event. I think I'm a different person when I play a PGA TOUR event. And I think it's going to be good for him to get that experience.
I know when I was a kid and I'd get to go walk inside the ropes with my dad or get to caddie for him driving a cart in a U.S. Open qualifying or something, that's what got me motivated, to watch him compete. So I think it'll be good for him to learn.

Q. How far along is Drew? Is he about where you were at that age?
DAVIS LOVE III: He's behind me in consistency of practice and polish and experience, and he's ahead of me in ability. When the organization and the practice and the hard work catch up with the ability, he'll be in pretty good shape. He's had a good couple of summers, and I think you get him in the right atmosphere in college, he'll do real well.

Q. Has that been established, his college future? Is he going to go to North Carolina?
DAVIS LOVE III: He has not picked a school yet, no. North Carolina is on his list and Alabama and a few others, but he has not picked yet. We're hoping to get to a few more college football games this fall at different places.
JOHN BUSH: Davis, we appreciate your time. Play well this week.

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