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June 9, 2001

Rob Blake

Ray Bourque

Greg De Vries

Bob Hartley

Jon Klemm


COACH HARTLEY: I think about all my players I coach, all the management, all my friends that believed in me gave me a chance and that Cup is for them. I know in Hawkesbury they are very proud. I love those guys.

Q. There's 15 at least get their name on the Cup from your team. We know Patrick and Ray Bourque. Talk about some of the others that stood out?

COACH HARTLEY: It was a total team effort. The powerplay got the job done. Got some big penalty killing at the end. Everyone -- that was a tough ride. When they say the Stanley Cup is win I can guarantee you one thing now I know.

Q. Blocked shots?

COACH HARTLEY: We sacrificed -- notes guys our guys were so banged up but they only go on pride and emotion. We won it foray and what a great feeling because we are a part of Ray.

Q. How does it feel, Greg?

GREG DE VRIES: Best feeling in the world can't be happier for Ray.

Q. I hate to just focus on Ray in a way although 22 years he deserves every credit we bestow on him. --so much to help him achieve that goal when you think about it 16 wins that whole campaign, you somehow managed to stay focused?

GREG DE VRIES: Right from the get-go our first speech in training camp guys said this is what we are going to do and we did it. It is a great feeling.

Q. Personal highlight.

GREG DE VRIES: Just great penalty killing, I guess there at the end got a couple of chances we set them down.

Q. What is your highlight as you think about this one?

JON KLEMM: As far as this one is concerned it has to do with Ray Bourque to see that man win a Stanley Cup was unbelievable. It was a long battle, 16 wins it wasn't a game that was easy and --

Q. Must be hard keeping your emotions under check when you are down 3-2 in the series?

JON KLEMM: Well, we knew what we had to do going to Jersey. We just came in there and played with no fear at all just came out an played hard and got the win.

Q. It's as good as a dream?

ROB BLAKE: It still hasn't set in. It is a blur right now we are so excited.

Q. Emotional year for you after ten years you get traded you have to play against them. That goes seven games with L.A. this goes seven games. How did you keep it altogether?

ROB BLAKE: I don't know. I mean, it to be around a club like this a team so committed the I mean they get your focus on one thing and you don't sway one bit. The whole situation with Ray in front incredible. It's unbelievable, I don't know. Worlds can't describe the feelings he has right now.

Q. Quick comment?

ROB BLAKE: We played hard. They came at us we knew they would. Joe Sakic, Alex Tanguay, Ray, Patrick Roy, you can't say enough for the guys we have.

Q. Congratulations. What a feeling for hockey fans and anybody who has ever played this game to see you --

RAY BOURQUE: Well, would have been a great story and the way it ended it really was. Waited long enough for it. We battled. We were down. This team had so much heart and character we kept it together came back and won it at home. All year long we said home ice was going to be key it turned out it was.

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