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October 11, 2011

Yovani Gallardo


Q. You nearly pitched a no-hitter against these guys this year, yet you're 1-7, how do you explain that?
YOVANI GALLARDO: Well, I can't explain it. That's just one of those things, that's how the game is. Obviously we all know, just like you said, I'm 1-7 against these guys, but I try to forget about those things. I mean, even if it goes the other way around, 7-1.
But you can't think about it too much. It's definitely a different kind of game here in the post-season, and you know, just looking forward to tomorrow and hopefully give my team a chance to win.

Q. Just talk a little bit about Ron Roenicke and that match up and what kind of pitcher you think he is and what a challenge it will be for you going against him. Going against Halladay in that big start and now you guys going against each other?
YOVANI GALLARDO: We all know what kind of pitcher he is. He has great stuff and obviously he's had great success and like you said, he pitched Game 5 against Halladay and he's been throwing the ball well. It should be a pretty exciting game. I'm looking forward to it. Of course a lot of excitement. It's going to be tough. I'm definitely going to have to bring my A Game.

Q. On a similar note, Ron said he expects this to be a low-scoring game and the offense will have to scrap out runs and you matched up with Kenny in another low-scoring game. How much pressure or feeling more of a need to have your best stuff and hold their offense down knowing yours might not get that many runs off Carpenter?
YOVANI GALLARDO: I don't think it's pressure. I think as far as for myself, just having to go against guys like that, where we all know it's going to be -- it's going to be tough. We are scoring as many runs as we can, but we have to stay focused no matter what happens.
Like I say, that Game 5 against Kennedy, I was down 1-0, and going into it, I knew it was pretty much going to be a one-run game or two-run game at the most. But it ended up being a one-run, which it should be like that tomorrow. He's obviously a great pitcher, and we both have been throwing the ball pretty well. So, looking forward to it.

Q. When you're sitting there last night and watching Albert, knowing you're going to face him in 40 hours and what he's doing, what goes through your mind?
YOVANI GALLARDO: I mean, it's obviously like Ron said, as far as for myself, just got to go out there and make pitches to their whole lineup. They have a good lineup, especially the middle of the lineup they have some pretty good hitters, but I think yesterday we made some mistakes out over the plate, and I'm going to try to limit those, especially with runners on, and him being as good of a hitter as he is.

Q. It appears that you really savor and look forward to moments like this, all of the attention.
YOVANI GALLARDO: Yeah, of course. For a starting pitcher, it doesn't get better than, this obviously facing a great pitcher on the other side and a great team.
I mean, every game important, for both clubs, and I think that Game 5 and the last series, is probably the most important game I ever pitched. Here I am back again, Game 3, facing these guys with the series tied 1-1.
You know, just makes baseball that much more fun; enjoy it a little bit more.

Q. You've handled the bat pretty well in this ballpark before; are you looking forward to batting against Carpenter?
YOVANI GALLARDO: I wouldn't say looking forward to it. But it's just, I mean -- kind of, I guess, but I think for me the most important thing is the pitching at this point. It's obviously -- definitely if I can help myself out in whatever situation it might be, I'm going to do everything I can. But priority is pitching, so we'll see how the hitting goes.

Q. How important is it to keep Furcal and Jay off base ahead of Pujols? Those two guys have been getting on base and stirring up things, too, offensively.
YOVANI GALLARDO: I think it's very big. I think any time you keep the first two guys, top of the lineup off the bases for the three, four and five guys, it can make a big difference. And just like you said, they have been able to get on base the past couple of games, and you know, then Pujols, he came with a big hit and same for our club. You have Cory and Nyjer, whoever it might be in the first two spots. Every time they get on, you know, it gives us that extra chance to come up with that big hit.

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