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October 10, 2011

Bernard Tomic


B. TOMIC/K. Anderson
7-6, 6-7, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. That was a hard-fought one out there.
BERNARD TOMIC: Uh-huh, yeah, really tough. I'm happy I won against a player like Kevin because he can beat so many world-class players on his day.
I'm happy I won that third set because his serve was too good the whole game.

Q. Looked like he was pushing you a fair way back there. Looked a little frustrated at times.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, it's not easy against a player like that. He's so tough because his serve, he gets his corners and gets you out of the court. Playing a lot of these guys, they serve one style. He serves every serve and serves well. You can't really get on his serve.
So I was happy to break him in that third and I think that's what won the match.

Q. Top 50 today for the first time. What is your reaction to that?
BERNARD TOMIC: It's good. Good feeling. You know, definitely worked hard for it and had a good year for it as well. So I'm happy the way I played this year. I've still got a few more tournaments left, so I'm just happy the way it turned out this year.

Q. How far have you exceeded your expectations? You said at the Australian Open top 100 would have been a good result.
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, you know, you learn these days to not set goals because you never know what can happen. Might as well just play, have fun, whatever happens happens.

Q. That's got to be a great thing for you. Up in the top 50 now, you should get into Masters Series tournaments regularly.
BERNARD TOMIC: To get into tournaments like this, play main draws is a way to build your ranking up even faster. It's really tough to get there. I think once you get there, you creep inside, it becomes a little bit easier to hold your ranking. It's a tough job getting there.
I'm lucky I did it at a young age. I've got a long way to go, and a lot of things ahead of me. Hopefully I can have a long career and stay inside.

Q. Ultimately, where do you see your favorite surface? Where do you think you'll have the most success?
BERNARD TOMIC: I don't know. I'm tricky. I plan one thing, I feel like I can do well here, and I don't really do well sometimes. Other weeks I don't plan for it and I get to the quarters of a Grand Slam. You don't really know (laughter).
I think hard court has always been what I practiced on and played on, where I'll always do good. Grass is definitely a good surface of mine.

Q. You're based back on the Gold Coast now, is that right?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, I'm still there in Australia now.

Q. You talked before about possibly having a base in Europe or in the States. Have you thought about that anymore?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, as of next year I'll be in Monte-Carlo. It's easy, especially when you finish the Miami trips, head to Europe for that three- or four-month period. Travel-wise it's easy to have a base somewhere like Europe. Monaco was the choice.

Q. So you'll be there throughout the summer, Monte-Carlo?
BERNARD TOMIC: Yeah, pretty much from next year.

Q. Aren't you there already or just sort of part-time? What's changing?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, this year it's part-time. A lot of things have gone on. So, you know, as of the next few tournaments I'm spending in Europe, I'll have a visit there, see what's going on, come back before the Australian Open.

Q. Did you try out a time at Bollettieri's last year?
BERNARD TOMIC: Not last year, but the year before that I spent six months there. That was another thing for improving, practicing there.
But I played well. That's when I won the US Open. I decided to come back to Australia after that, train there again.

Q. So clearly the season is nearly done. What are your plans over the off-season this year? Are you changing anything, doing anything more or less?
BERNARD TOMIC: Well, I'm definitely going to take a few weeks off, really work hard in the off-season, November, December, play well down in Australia like I've been playing the last few years.

Q. Is this your last tournament for the season?
BERNARD TOMIC: No. Well, I'm entered in Basel and Paris. I'm probably playing a tournament in Vienna. I think I've got a few more after that. I'll see how it goes.

Q. Do you think you can get to top 30?
BERNARD TOMIC: A few more matches here and I think you can. But, I don't know, I'm happy with this year so far. But I'm going to keep trying. Tomorrow I'm playing a good player, Mardy. I lost to him last week.

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