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October 9, 2011

Bud Cauley


THE MODERATOR: All right. Bud, thanks for joining us. A 5-under 66 today. Looks like you're going to come up maybe just a shot or two short, but four rounds in the 60s, all in all you gotta be very happy with the week.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. I played well this week. You know, I had good days -- every day I had a spur where I'd start playing well, and then I kind of lulled some all four days also.
So I'm obviously going to look back on the four days. I'm sure there are a lot of -- I can think of a couple off the top of my head -- mistakes I made, and I'm going to work on fixing those and keep on doing the good stuff right.
THE MODERATOR: Obviously one of the positives of the Top 10 is you're now in the field next week. If you can just talk about that a little bit and then we'll go to questions.
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. I'm very happy I played my way into next week. Had I not, I have a red-eye out tonight. I was going to try and tee it up tomorrow morning, so this is definitely a lot easier; and I'll sleep in tomorrow and show up Tuesday.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Questions.

Q. Just curious if you could relate that anecdote yesterday. Casey said that apparently Ernie asked you when you were going to turn pro. I imagine that must have been kind of a funny conversation. I don't know if he just didn't know or if he confused you with the UCLA kid or what. How did that all go down?
BUD CAULEY: Yeah, really just like that. He asked me when I was going to turn pro, and I just had to tell him I already had and when I had and things like that. So I think by the Back 9 he knew I was a professional and things like that. (Laughs).

Q. (Indiscernible question about the Money List).
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. You know, I'm not sure about the numbers or where this will put me or whatnot, but obviously it'll help and playing my way into next week also is a big thing, too. So I'm going to relax today and tomorrow and just try and go out there and do what I did this week and take advantage of another opportunity.

Q. (Indiscernible).
BUD CAULEY: I know it's a pretty short list. I think Ryan Moore was the last person to do it in 2005.

Q. (Indiscernible).
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. So those are two pretty good names, but I have a long way to go, and I'm just going to work on playing well and hopefully it'll lead to that.

Q. What did you think of (indiscernible)?
BUD CAULEY: You know, I really never given it much thought, you know. I was just going to try and give myself as many opportunities as I could to play.
But you know, I knew I could compete. Obviously getting starts out here and playing is really the most difficult thing. So I really didn't think about that, just trying to give myself as many opportunities as I could.

Q. (Indiscernible question about the Walker Cup team).
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. You know, there are a lot of great players in college and a lot of great guys that just turned pro, you know.
With the guys that have come out you have to do a lot and be very successful I guess to kind of stand out or whatnot. I'm not really worried about that too much. I'm just trying to do my thing. I know I can play and compete with those guys and these guys out here, so that's really the only thing I'm worried about.

Q. (Indiscernible).

Q. (Indiscernible).
BUD CAULEY: Yeah. You know, it's still just golf. I said out there, you know, I think a little bit difference from college to here just the value of a shot and making up shots, and making bogeys is a lot more costly out here obviously than it is there.
But when you get out there, it's still just between your ears and still golf. You know, it's really nothing too different, if you don't make it different.

Q. When did you turn pro?
BUD CAULEY: March 16th.
THE MODERATOR: Anything else? Bud, thanks for your time.

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