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May 14, 2001

Rob Blake

Adam Foote

Bob Hartley

Shjon Podein


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Sean, how much does it help when you're rolling four lines?

SHJON PODEIN: I think it helps a lot. I think it helps our team (inaudible). They work hard every shift when and when we're able to roll four lines and guys are going, I think it adds to tour team and that's the main reason we're having success right now.

Q. After game run, St. Louis said (inaudible) they did that tonight and you guys still won. What does that say about the weapons you have?

ADAM FOOTE: Well, it's hard to shut down Joe Sakic's line when they there skating. They did get a lot of shots, they are shooting outside the blue line. Patty stopped the first one as a unit and not just the defensemen. (inaudible) a five-man unit, everyone was back and we're clearing rebounds.

Q. (Inaudible) pretty much cost them any chance?

ADAM FOOTE: Well, we've had -- you know, it's lots of hits going on out there and I think he was a little upset. That's just part of the game. That's okay. I just try to ignore that and move on.

Q. A little hard at first?

ADAM FOOTE: It was one of those stingers. That's all right.

Q. That might be an experience?

ADAM FOOTE: That's out of my hands.

Q. Can you talk about the power-play? You guys have gotten five or six of the last two games here.

ROB BLAKE: We struggled a little bit in the LA series. Getting back across and getting shots, with the guys crashing the net hedging out a couple goals, going to the net and picking up rebounds. We won a nice draw on offense and Ray had a good shot off the post. You just keep it simple and on the net.

Q. You have a mindset (inaudible)

ROB BLAKE: We learned a lesson there in the LA series when we got to Game 7. We played the way we were supposed to tonight. We carried that over to Game 1 and Game 2. This is the time of year you want to keep getting better and better.

Q. Do you surprise people? Most people look at The Avalanche and think you are a high-powered team.

ROB BLAKE: I think guys in our room obviously know what it takes to win. Obviously our offense is going to be there most nights. If you can keep the shots and gains down with Patty Roy in the net there, it's tough to score.

Q. Shjon, which is tougher? Is it tougher for the offense to get back and backcheck or for the defense to jump into the play when your guys are on offense?

SHJON PODEIN: I think they are both the same. That's part of the reason we are having success defensively. Our forwards are getting back hard. Our defense are jumping up and taking away the gap. And when we're not there, Patrick's making the huge save for us. I think that's one of the main reasons our teams are having success defensively and hopefully we'll just keep gets stronger.

Q. (Inaudible)?

SHJON PODEIN: I had no idea it was going to go in. I saw it hit the back of the net; I was pretty happy.

Q. Adam, the last three times you were in the final, you lost two (inaudible). How good do you feel now?

ADAM FOOTE: We don't like to look at the past. You're right. We did talk about it before the game. Joe brought it up, let's be ready. They are going to come out with everything. It's important that we try to play the same way we did in Game 1 or even better. When we're playing as a team, that's when we've been successful and tonight we did that again.

Q. Adam, what's it keep to shut down the top line?

ADAM FOOTE: Well, I think against Turgeon, Blake and Bourque have been out there and they've been keeping it simple. You know, their line, they really do well at MacInnis's shots and Pronger's shots and they stay in the zone late and these guys are aware of that and keeping an eye out for Turgeon. He's real nifty about the net. Our guards were playing smart. We're playing a five-man unit. All three zones.

Q. Do you feel like a game like this when the stars are getting shut down, this is your type of game?

SHJON PODEIN: We're taught since the beginning of the playoffs, (inaudible) so far the bulk of the scoring has been done by our top guys and third or fourth lines having at the top of this series. We shipped in at opportune times.

(Coach Hartley joins press conference.)

Q. How is Foote?

COACH HARTLEY: Pretty good. Has a bruised shoulder. He's going to be reevaluated tomorrow morning.

Q. When you win a game like this, when they out shoot you early, do you come away saying, "That's hockey," or are you living on the edge?

COACH HARTLEY: Well, you know, we're playing, like I said before, a very talented hockey club. We knew that they would be better tonight, and they were. I felt we were better also. You know, like we played very well defensively, you know. Like Patrick was, again, our best player. Like Patrick was outstanding. You know, like I said to you guys in the past weeks, you know, he's giving us a chance to win every game. That's what he's doing. So I think that, you know, it's fun to keep pushing those guys. Once again, like Yelle went down, and we were forced to work our lines. You know, everyone came up big, especially in the third. You know, we managed to get a big goal, then like they got a goal in the power-play. I felt like after this, we were real strong.

Q. Even after Yelle went out, you were still rolling four lines with Drury, double shifting?

COACH HARTLEY: Everyone is playing well. Everyone is skating well. It's all a matter of performance. You know, like those guys right now, we have our players very confident. They're playing great. They're playing simple. You know, when you're playing simple and you keep your legs moving, you become very effective. And I think that all our forwards are doing a great job.

Q. You have been reluctant to roll four lines all the time in the past. Are you doing it in this series because of the way the Blues played or because it's something you wanted to do?

COACH HARTLEY: Like I just said, it's a matter of performance. You know, I don't think there's any other ways around.

Q. Can you talk about the importance of getting goals from your defensemen?

COACH HARTLEY: Huge, huge. You know, like those guys are giving us great support. Obviously like the Sakic line is being watched, is being mugged all over the ice. There's not much room for those guys. But like if our power-plays gives us some big goals, we get support from the four lines, anybody can win. You know, like I like the way we're playing right now.

Q. (Inaudible) reviewed by the league?

COACH HARTLEY: I have no idea. We don't even have to ask that. They review everything that they feel is worth being reviewed. We just have to go from there.

Q. Are you still amazed watching Patrick at times?

COACH HARTLEY: Well, I'm very impressed, very impressed. You know, I watch him play when he was in Montreal. I watch him win a cup over here. You know, like just watch him compete is very impressive. You know, this guy loves to compete. You know, like I told you guys a couple of days ago, you know, he has like those sparks in his eyes, you know, that are not pretty to watch (smiling). But you watch him play, he comes up with the big saves. You know, he always seems to know where the puck is. It seems that he's playing with a tracking device out there. You know, he's making our hockey club very confident.

Q. Are you concerned with the territorial edge that St. Louis had and the number of scoring opportunities they had?

COACH HARTLEY: Don't waste any energy in the playoffs. One thing matters: it's the final score at the end of the game. I know you guys waste lots of energy on how much time the fourth line gets, all this. I don't care about this. Like the final score on the score board, that's what puts food on our table.

Q. Are you surprised at how this series is so wide open, yet the first two were really close checking?

COACH HARTLEY: Well, it's playoff hockey. Like we're down to four teams. Like I said, it's two teams with lots of depth, two teams with lots of talent. You know, there's never an easy battle against the St. Louis Blues. Like we're going to St. Louis. Hey, we're going to prepare to battle because like they're going to be tough. You know, we'll have to be real sharp.

Q. Are you being more disciplined than you were?

COACH HARTLEY: Well, I don't think it's up to me to come up or judge on who's the most disciplined. I think that I have my job to do and I have my team to prepare. You know, I think -- like I said, our players are preparing themselves. They're giving us a chance to win. I like our composure.

Q. After you didn't score for what seemed like an eternity in the LA series, you have 13 goals since. What turned it around?

COACH HARTLEY: Certainly a little confidence. The four remaining teams, you know, like there's tons of skills, tons of skills. Obviously, you know, you look also at the blue line, you look at the goaltenders. Three teams out of four have an excellent goalie, you know. I think that, you know, it's tough to score goals, but you put pucks at the net and you never know. Have a good night, everyone.

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