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October 8, 2011

Jaime Garcia


Q. Has Tony told you that you're the Game 1 starter?

Q. What's your feelings about going into that, how confident do you feel about getting that first start in a big series like this?
JAIME GARCIA: You know, I'm really excited, pumped up. I feel good physically. Feel good mentally. I did my work in between the last start and this one to get ready in case. I'm ready to go. Excited.

Q. What is it about when these two teams get on the field that so much emotion comes out?
JAIME GARCIA: You know what, we've got two good teams. We like to go out there and compete. We like to win. And it's part of the competition. We're going to go out, they've got a really good team. Really good lineup. They're playing really good. We're doing the same thing, so it has to do a lot with that.

Q. What is your opinion of this lineup from top to bottom?
JAIME GARCIA: Their lineup?

Q. Yes.
JAIME GARCIA: It's really good, one of the best that's out there. They got two of the best hitters in the big leagues and really balanced and good lineup. It's really a good one.

Q. Is the scouting report really don't let Braun and Fielder beat you?
JAIME GARCIA: Well, obviously I've faced them in the past in the last couple of years. And you kind of have a history of what I've done in the past. I'm going to get together with the pitching coach and my catcher tomorrow, and see what we need to do. Basically, yeah, you don't want to get in tough situations. You want to be careful of those two guys.

Q. What he's talking about, not letting those guys beat you, is that something a lot easier said than actually done?
JAIME GARCIA: You know what, when I'm out there pitching and I'm facing those two guys, I'm not really thinking about don't let them beat you. You're thinking about what you worked on, what you saw on the video, what you talked with the pitching coach and what you talked about in the meeting. Just try to execute. Don't let the distractions bother you.
If the manager tells you to pitch around, you pitch around. If not, you just pitch what you think is the best you can do.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about the confidence you guys maybe have from coming back to win the wild card and then beating the Phillies? Obviously you guys were confident all along. But it's been quite a roll you've been on.
JAIME GARCIA: Yeah, it's been really exciting the last month and a half, two months of the season. For us, the whole month of September it was like playoffs. We had to win every single game and worry about one game at a time and not worry about what the other teams were doing.
So that kind of got us a little ready for the playoffs. And then going into the playoffs facing the best team in baseball, which was the Phillies, a really good team, we went in there, just taking it as the same way we're taking the game before. One game at a time. Go out there, prepare yourself and just give it your 100 percent. Keep battling to the end.
And that's basically what we did. It worked out good for us, and now we've got to keep doing the same thing.

Q. Why is it so tough for visiting teams to win in here this year?
JAIME GARCIA: I don't know. They like playing at home. They like hitting at home, they feel comfortable here, I'm guessing the hitters. And the pitchers, too, the pitchers pitch really good. So I think we've got a lot of guys on our team that like pitching at home and playing at home. So I'm guessing that has to do something with that.

Q. From a pitching standpoint, opposing pitcher, is it the lineup, the environment?
A. I don't really worry about those things. I don't let any distraction like that bother me. I just treat it like if I was pitching in St. Louis or any other place. Just get ready. Your job is to execute pitches and that's all you can worry about.

Q. Have you seen any difference in the Brewers' lineup from when they're in Miller Park to when they're in St. Louis?
JAIME GARCIA: Difference like what?

Q. Like their play, because they're so good at home. But when they get on the road they've struggled this year.
JAIME GARCIA: Have I seen any difference? No. I pitched -- I think I pitched against them good here and bad and I pitched good and bad at home.
So I can't really answer that question because, to me, like I said, my job is to worry about making the pitches. And if I do that, more often than not they're going to go my way.

Q. Some of the Brewers have said that they don't like Chris Carpenter, for whatever reason. For you, what's Chris Carpenter's character like, and what does he mean to your team?
JAIME GARCIA: Oh, he's an awesome guy. I'm really excited and fortunate to have a chance to play with him. He's a great competitor. He cares about his teammates, about his team. He goes out there and he doesn't get intimidated and he's giving you -- he's a horse, man. He's the ace for our staff.
Like I said, I'm really excited and fortunate to have him around to learn from him.

Q. Could you expand a little bit on learning from Chris? Obviously you saw what he did last night in that environment. What does a guy pick up watching?
JAIME GARCIA: It's awesome for me. I watched him last year. And we have Wainwright, another great pitcher. But for me it doesn't get any better. Those guys are great pitchers, great at what they do. But other than that, they're great people, too. They've helped me so much. To me, I learn from them just watching them pitch.
But at the same time they give me so much advice on what to expect and how to get ready and a lot of little things about the game. Like I say, I'm just so grateful to have them around and learn from them.

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