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October 7, 2011

Carlos Gomez


Brewers – 3
Diamondbacks - 2 (10 innings)

Q. When T. Plush got that hit, was that the hardest you ever ran?
CARLOS GOMEZ: I don't think so. As soon I get to second base, and the only thing I got on my mind, if he hit one on the ground or to the outfield, I thought just scoring on my run, nobody going to stop me. And I put my head down and definitely I'm going to score the run.

Q. Saw how pumped you were on getting the base hit to get there. Kind of came in as a defensive replacement. Everybody plays a part. And everybody plays a role. And tonight your role was to play only a couple of innings, but you come up big.
CARLOS GOMEZ: Basically, I'm prepared, always I come, before I come here like I'm going to start the game. Because it's not how you start, it's how you finish.
And like you say, I come as replacement. And I got an opportunity to get one at-bat. And I tried to get on base. I tried to drive the ball and get on base. And these guys more comfortable to steal bases, and definitely I steal. And I know Nyj [Morgan] in those kind of moments, that person he'd be like so big. And he'd be more concentrated. And I know and I feel that and I had that feeling before and I know he going to drive me in.

Q. You've taken a part-time role here and really done well with it, how does that work for you?
CARLOS GOMEZ: I'm the kind of guy, like, I like to win, I love winning, I don't like loss. I don't feel comfortable with myself, because I got an opportunity to play every day, and I started the season really struggling. Nyj did a really good job against righties and have some time to play and he keep playing, and I play against lefty. And I take it that way and come here every day today like I going to start a game.
I do a great job, if I get a lefty, and Nyj do it against righty. And that's my job. And that make the team stronger. And I don't want to be only play for the lefty in my career, because right now I'm 25 years old. I want to have the opportunity to be an everyday centerfielder. When that come, right now that's the job I have and I have to keep it like that.

Q. You and Nyjer have been cast off by other teams, how sweet is it for both of you to be involved in such an important play?
CARLOS GOMEZ: When Nyjer got traded over here in Spring Training, it's like my GM say, Doug Melvin, we are a great team. But we needed the best player in the team. And Nyj, he's the kind of guy that can help with the energy, the one they bring every day to the ballpark. And if he starts, I'm on the bench. When I start, he's on the bench. And we have everything to be a winning team.

Q. After you scored I think it was your owner that jumped into your arms first. Were you surprised that Mark jumped into your arms, did you expect that from any kind of owner?
CARLOS GOMEZ: You have to be smart, you have to get to the boss first (laughter), and then your teammates. Mark, he's right there when I score, and the first guy I see is him. I give him a big hug and I say thank you for bringing me over here and giving me a second year on the team. And that's what I say, all my teammates were pushing for me. It's a special moment.
After I score the run, I feel something in my chest I never feel before, like so excited and so good. I'm not lying to you, I cry a little bit because I'm emotional.

Q. You scored the winning run in the tie breaker game in Minneapolis two years ago. How does that winning run compare to that?
CARLOS GOMEZ: When I get to the plate, when I walk to the plate, I go like real mean, real concentrated. Because I had that feeling before when I walk in 2009 for Minnesota. I come like the same situation, defensive replacement. I got the opportunity to get an at-bat and I got the base hit and I get on second and I'm the scoring run.
And as soon as I get in that situation, like today, I come and I say, it's your time right now, to do your job. And I said thank you, God, for giving me the opportunity to do my job again.

Q. You really played well in the last couple of weeks. Has anything changed since you kind of came back? Have you been doing anything different?
CARLOS GOMEZ: Yes, I always come here, every day, work with my hitting coach. But, you know, I'm working the last five years. I don't want to disrespect nobody, but it's the time to change, I be around in that game for five years, and everybody tell me, hit the ball on the ground, hit a line drive and run. And for five years I do this. And it don't work. And I tell myself and I told my coaches, my manager, like, it is time to change.
I feel like when I go to the plate and try to take the approach and try to hit a low home run to centerfield, I'll be a great hitter. That's what I tried to do the last couple of weeks, try to hit a home run to centerfield, and that's why I've been so successful at the plate.

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