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October 7, 2011

Nyjer Morgan


Brewers – 3
Diamondbacks - 2 (10 innings)

Q. When you struck the game winning hit, which personality was that?
NYJER MORGAN: That was T. Plush, man, that was T. Plush all the way. Just doing tickling to the outfield.
Hats off to the D-backs. Their players in general, their coaching staff. They've got a heck of a team over there. Gibby has done a good job with that ballclub, with that young ballclub. And just hats off to those boys over there.

Q. T. Plush, can you just take us through when you got that hit, you saw it drop down?
NYJER MORGAN: I saw it drop down? It was clean up the middle, baby.

Q. Tell us about the emotions you felt.
NYJER MORGAN: As soon as I knew it, basically I was looking for a pitch up. Putz is a pretty solid pitcher. And I knew that he wasn't going to feature the split again, and he was going to challenge me.
Basically I just wanted to see the ball up, take it up the middle and just Gomez had a hell of an at-bat just before that, even though Uncle Craig [Counsell] got a solid line drive, but it was an out. I had to let Gomez do what he had to do, burn second. I was looking for something up. And I had to calm my nerves down. So just slow my whole mind down and I got to it.

Q. How good does it feel considering the struggles you've gone through just this series?
NYJER MORGAN: What struggles? It's baseball, man.

Q. Coach said that you were very emotional.

Q. Everybody's pretty emotional?

Q. Describe those emotions for us?
NYJER MORGAN: I mean, it's a lot. Just everything that I've had to overcome. Just the stuff that people go out there and perceive about me. And just everything that -- all my haters. I just wanted to show them that I can play this game. Even though I've got a fun, bubbly personality and everything like that, I still come to win and I'm a winner.

Q. How tough was the bottom of that --
NYJER MORGAN: It was solid, beautiful, beautiful.

Q. How do you celebrate this evening?
NYJER MORGAN: You know, just go home, you know, take a bath and chill out and watch the game (laughter). I can't tell you, player.

Q. I guess does it matter who you play next?
NYJER MORGAN: No, not really. I understand that this is a solid ball team that I'm playing with. We just -- we're one complete unit. Like Ron said, always from the beginning of Spring Training, take care of each game and don't try to get ahead of yourself. Just be ready to come out and give it your all. And that's basically what this team is all about. We're in a blue collar town and we're definitely hard workers, and we bring our hard hats and our helmets every day.

Q. Having to battle all the way to the end again, does this give you an edge going into the next series?
NYJER MORGAN: We've just got to stay within ourselves. Everybody always has an edge, even whoever wins tonight's game, the Phillies or the Cardinals. Basically we've got to take it in and I guess win Sunday or whenever we play and just be ready to go again. Just treat it as a regular ballgame.

Q. Knowing that Axford had converted 44 straight, tough break there on the squeeze and the score. What was said in the dugout?
NYJER MORGAN: Nothing. Let's pick him up. We always pick each other up all year. That's why I've said we're a cohesive unit. Basically it shows right there. There's no quitting in the Brew Crew. It shows. We have our squad behind us.
We had the home field advantage, and the Keg was definitely rocking tonight. And basically we stuck together and we're a solid unit, man.

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