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October 7, 2011

Kirk Gibson


Brewers – 3
Diamondbacks - 2 (10 innings)

Q. Just a great comeback by your team, as evidenced the whole year.
KIRK GIBSON: Well, actually, I told Parra that this is the beautiful thing about the game. You're going to get your first hit right now. You're going to have a great impact on the game, and he got it his first hit.
First let me just congratulate Ron Roenicke and the Milwaukee Brewers. This was a great baseball game today. I'm not happy to be on this end of it. Yet I'm proud of my team and they played true to the way they played all year.
And the Brewers, they cashed in on their opportunities, what can we say? We had tons of opportunities, left 11 guys on, 2-for-11 with runners in scoring positions. Give the Brewers credit, they shut us down.

Q. You said before the game you were excited about giving something back to the game today.
KIRK GIBSON: I think it was a good, classic baseball game. It was real clean, well pitched. Both starting pitchers threw the ball well. There were some great plays.
If you look at the 6th inning, I think I wrote it on the back of my card, the huge play of the game was when Lucroy stopped the guy on 3rd base. He stopped the ball with his throat again. He took about four or five in his chops. That's a run for us right there.
The next inning, on the bottom, Chris Young runs the ball down and we didn't get a hit after that, by the way. They got us out there. And then Chris Young, they get the knock.
That's just the kind of game it was. It was a great game for the fans, for baseball, it was well-played. Unfortunately, we lost. So I'm always looking at doing it right. And I just told my players that that's the way I was taught, to respect the game, and to feel honored and fortunate, then owe go back to the game. I think we did well for it.

Q. In the 9th inning, coming back against Axford, no easy task. That showed a lot of heart on your guys' part?
KIRK GIBSON: Yeah, we had further opportunities. The thing about it is, you want to try to get it done there. But he came back out and shut us down.
We've had great comebacks all year, unfortunately tonight we weren't able to finish it off.

Q. I know it's disappointing now, but you've got people excited about what this team has going forward. Do you feel any of that now, do you take solace in that now?
KIRK GIBSON: We've come a long way. We set goals in the beginning of the year; unfortunately, we didn't get all the way there. We talked about changing the culture and what does it mean to be a Diamondback.
And I just told these guys that they should be proud, because they've set the stage and the standard for how we want to play and they've done it all year.
So some of the guys will be back on our team. Some guys will move on. I feel like we've given them a positive experience and they'll all be ambassadors for the game.

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