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October 7, 2011

Garrett Willis


Q. Just talk about today. Another solid day. Different conditions but you still played really well.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah, I did. I didn't know what to expect coming into today. I knew it was going to be really cold, and having that two-hour delay really made things a lot different than I am used to. I hit more balls and more putts than I may have in an entire week in one morning. I was actually feeling a little fatigued starting out and made two good saves on the first two holes and kind of rode it from there.

Q. As the temperature warmed up did the ball travel farther?
GARRETT WILLIS: Oh, yeah, without a question. I mean, it's beautiful out here right now. I mean, the ball is definitely going further, and it's probably going to go even further this afternoon when the fairways dry out even more.

Q. What's your confidence level right now? You're striking it good, putting well.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah, I putted really well yesterday. I made pretty much every opportunity I had. Today I didn't make as many of the opportunities. My confidence is good. It's not great. You know, I mean, I'm driving the ball well, and that's always the key for me. If I can keep the ball in the fairway, I can pretty much manage my game.

Q. You talked about how difficult this course is, but it doesn't seem to be too tough for you.
GARRETT WILLIS: Well, I'm driving the ball in the fairway. Any golf course you can drive the ball in the fairway is going to seem to play easy, but there's some tough holes out there. I haven't really taken care of the par-5s the way I'd like to, but there's two more days to get that done.

Q. Lastly, this knit hat you came out with this morning, I know it's cold, but that was a little unusual looking. Tell us about that.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah, I've had that knit hat for a while. Last year I think I wore it like the first five tournaments of the year last year because it was so cold.

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