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October 6, 2011

Garrett Willis


Q. Well, Garrett, that was a solid round, especially with the weather coming down. You're a mudder, because you played well when the rain started coming.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. I didn't like it one bit. That's for sure. The way that rain was coming down, it was pretty amazing they continued play, but I was just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping it would either stop or they'd call play. But it was about as tough of conditions I've ever played in.

Q. Yeah, No. 5 you were actually in the hazard, got up-and-down. That had to be one of your best up-and-downs all year.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. Actually I was in the hazard twice. Drove it in the hazard, laid it up in the hazard and then made about a 10, 12-footer for par.
That definitely kept the round going. With it being so horrific out there with the rain, it was nice to get that one.

Q. And right now tied for the lead. Gotta feel good.
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. This golf course is so difficult. I mean that's great that I'm tied for the lead, but I'm still focusing on trying to make the cut.
It's a tough golf course. You've really gotta drive your ball well, and you've gotta make a lot of four and five-footers for par.

Q. Have you ever allowed yourself to think about what if, what if you win this thing? It would change things dramatically for you, wouldn't it?
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah, it would. But no, I won't think about that. I mean obviously if I'm in this position come Saturday night, I'll think about it, but like I said, this is a tough golf course. I mean I'm glad I got this round under my belt, and like I said, I'm still grinding away trying to make the cut. I'm not even thinking about winning golf tournaments. I'm thinking about being able to play on Saturday morning.

Q. And the putter, that's your best friend right now. It's working, isn't it?
GARRETT WILLIS: Yeah. It really is. I got off to a good start last week. Shot 65 the first round of Vegas, was a couple off the lead and putted well, and it didn't really stick with me all four days, but hey, I'm off to a great start again this week with the putter.

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