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October 5, 2011

Chris Young


Diamondbacks – 10
Brewers 6

Q. Just talk about the feeling, obviously guys down 0-2 and then you jump on Wolf early today and it turned out that second home run was really needed the way this game ended up turning back. Talk about picking up Saunders and the comeback today.
CHRIS YOUNG: Yeah, it was nice. Saunders, I talked about it a little bit earlier, you know, I know on paper it looks like a bad start. But he got into a couple of tough, really tough situations in those first few innings to where a lesser pitcher could have imploded and given in and the next thing you know they have five or six runs instead of three runs.
I give Joe a lot of credit for that. The bullpen came in and did a tremendous job. But our mentality is it's never over. A big hit for Ryan tonight.
But we couldn't just settle for five runs. Milwaukee Brewers, they have a good offense. We know that as a team and we know we have a good team to tack on, even against the best pitchers. They're going to be able to scrap up some runs every now and then. That was our mentality, and so that's why we kept pushing.

Q. Coming back from a 0-2 hole, even though you're headed to Milwaukee, do you feel like this is your guys' series to lose, you have all the momentum right now?
CHRIS YOUNG: Obviously I feel like it's a brand-new series. When you're down 0-2 you feel like your back is against the wall and you feel like the pressure is on you. Now we've been able to tie it back up and we have to go back to their house.
So we have to forget about what we did when we were there. But I think take only the good things from this home stand. Try to take the momentum with us and hope that they remember it, as well. And if we're able to jump on Gallardo early, I think it will make a big difference.

Q. Can you take us through the two home run at-bats, what were you looking for and what did you get?
CHRIS YOUNG: I was just looking for something up the middle, honestly. In the playoffs your adrenaline is flowing so much you're just trying to hit the ball hard. You're not thinking about homers, you're just thinking about having good at-bats and trying to get on base to produce runs. And every now and then you square some up. I think that's what happened to me tonight.
I don't think Ryan was trying to hit a grand slam. The pressure is on him, he has the bases loaded, if he doesn't get it done, the momentum stays with them. I was just trying to stay through the middle of the field and they left a couple of pitches out over the middle for me.

Q. When Gibby changes the batting order, how much explanation does he give you guys?
CHRIS YOUNG: One more time, please?

Q. When Gibby changes the batting order, how much explanation does he give you guys?
CHRIS YOUNG: None (laughter). None at all. You come in and you see the lineup at the same time as everybody else sees the lineup. He doesn't pull you in the office and tells you why he changed it; he just does it. We've had that all year. So we're used to it.
I showed up and saw I was batting 7th. Honestly, it didn't matter to me. You don't get selfish at this point in the season, you just try to do your part and stay positive and be ready when your at-bat comes up. Sometimes you'll still come up in big situations no matter where you're hitting.

Q. Are you aware now that you're the all-time postseason home run leader for the Diamondbacks?
CHRIS YOUNG: Really? A short history, I guess.
I mean, that's cool. I think Goldy's homer was the first grand slam or something like that. But it's cool. You hold on to that for what it's worth.
But it's been nice. I've been here for quite a few years now. I've been able to experience the ups and downs of this season and actually hang out with guys like Gonzo [Luis Gonzalez] and Matt Williams, and guys from that old team, as well. So I respect that and I take it as a compliment. That's pretty cool.

Q. Obviously you're not trying to get home runs. As a team, you've really beaten them at their own game the last few days.
CHRIS YOUNG: Yeah, it's been cool. That hasn't been our game all year, but at the same time we have a lot of guys in our lineup who can hit home runs.
I don't know if you consider any of us home run hitters, maybe J-Up [Upton]. I don't know if you consider any of us home run hitters, like a Prince Fielder. But we have a lot of guys in our lineup that can hit 20 home runs in a season. And if you just happen to catch us at the right time, at any given moment we can go off like that.

Q. You talked about going back being a new series. What's the key to Gallardo, you mentioned getting to him early. Is that the key or being patient? How do you guys attack him differently than what you did in Game 1?
CHRIS YOUNG: Honestly, I don't know if it's one plan against Gallardo. I don't know if it's one plan against any pitcher. You have to get a feel for the game. Gallardo is not going to pitch us the same way. Even if he tries, he may miss a spot. That's what this game is about, can you execute those pitches. If you miss your spot, can we take advantage of it.
I think every game is separate. He pitched good against us the last time we were there, but that truly has nothing to do with this start. He could miss the spots. We could take advantage. We could get a couple of bloop hits, Goldy could hit another bomb, you never know in this game.

Q. Were there any doubts that either you or Gerardo [Parra] would track down the ball that Corey Hart hit?
CHRIS YOUNG: No, I knew somebody was going to get there. When he hit it, you know, we communicate pretty well out there, just because we've been able to play together so many years.
When I'm running out there and I'm looking into his eyes, his eyes are big. I'm knowing he has a bead on it. So when I look into his eyes and saw that, I kind of backed off a little bit.
The adrenaline is flowing, so you can't hear each other calling it. You have to trust each other from the past experiences of playing with those guys.

Q. You were pretty successful the last time you were in the playoffs also. What about the playoffs energizes you, and does it take your game to a different level?
CHRIS YOUNG: In the playoffs you don't think about mechanics, you don't think about -- I don't -- some people do. I don't think about what a pitcher is going to do. The adrenaline is just flowing. And you have nothing to lose in the playoffs.
You're not worried about your stats, you're not worried if you're 1-for-4 or 4-for-4, because you don't care. The only thing that matters every day is only to win. You can go 0-for-4 with four strikeouts.
If you-all win, you go in the clubhouse and you'll be happy. You'll be happier than you would in the regular season. Because then you're in the cage after the game trying to figure things out.
It's just a different feel to me. I like playing in situations like this. It's a lot of fun for me, so I just try to live in the moment.

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