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June 9, 2001

Rob Blake

Pierre Lacroix

Joe Sakic


PIERRE LACROIX: No questions? We will see you next April. Don't be shy. Not going to be here for a long time anyway.

Q. Are you going to yell at me if I ask you?

PIERRE LACROIX: No. Only if it's financial. (LAUGHTER)

Q. What do you do now? What do you do for an encore and how do you keep together this team?

PIERRE LACROIX: Well that's something we are going to think about tomorrow if you don't mind. Tonight I want to enjoy and let the players and our fans enjoy. I think it is no time for business tonight. I know it is the third time you have been asking in two weeks, but that's all right..

Q. Does this mean more because of the struggles you guys have gone through the past few years coming so close getting to the Conference Finals, Game 7?

PIERRE LACROIX: Sorry to interrupt, we had that surprise, they are all here. To answer the other question the previous one. They just asked me if I am going to keep all the players. I said tomorrow is another day.

Q. You guys can address this too, but going to the Conference Final Game 7 two years in a row does this Cup mean even more because of what you have been through the past few years?

PIERRE LACROIX: Everybody that I have been around over the last few years they are telling me that repeat is such a different feeling and it is so much more rewarding. I understand now. This is something special. I think it is special not only because it is a repeat, it's a combination of what happened all year. The Presidents Trophy to start with, Ray Bourque his 22nd season and Patrick Roy's accomplishment being the winningest goalie and All-Star Game in Denver. I don't think you can find anything better.

Q. Can you please talk about the process in your mind as far as the decision to give Ray the Cup right away, talk about the process last night or today or right on the ice before the Cup was rolled out?

JOE SAKIC: I talked to him before the year started before training camp I told him we were going to win I wanted him to be the first one to lift it. This has been a goal right from Day-1 I told him on the ice that as soon as I got it I was going to pass it over. He definitely, after what he as accomplished in his career and to have the Cup, I mean, he is the one who deserved to lift it up first.

Q. Are you going to in the next week or so or a couple of weeks talk to Ray and see if he wants to come back or talk to him about exercising the option on his contract?

PIERRE LACROIX: I think it is no secret for nobody, there's a lot of issues to be addressed. We will take one issue at a time starting -- how about Tuesday, 'til Tuesday we are pretty busy. We got a fuel agenda but we will address each and every one.

Q. Robert looked like you were pretty determined to get Ray on the ice at the end there, could you talk about the last two minutes?

ROB BLAKE: I think it came down to 30 seconds he played probably the last 7 minutes in a row, he took a little bit of a rest but there was 30 seconds left and I think everybody on our team understood Ray was going to be on the ice for that last 30 seconds. He deserved it. It's a great honor for him.

Q. Rob, as Ray Bourque decides on whether or not he should retire or not, address the issue about him as a player, whether you feel he should come back or is this the best way for him to retire as champion?

ROB BLAKE: Based on his play there is no reason why he should retire. He was probably our dominant defensemen all Playoffs long. He brings it every single night. It is his choice, whatever he does is fine, but obviously by his play I mean, he could play in this League for another five, six years.

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