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October 4, 2011

Jim Leyland


New York Yankees 10
Detroit Tigers 1

Q. Jim, when the game was still close, can you talk about Granderson's catches and how big those were?
JIM LEYLAND: I thought -- it's funny, sometimes you pick a key out in the game, and I think the key out in the game happened in the very first inning when Donnie Kelly smoked that ball and Grandy made a good play. It looked like it might get over his head. If it would have gotten over his head and he had fallen down, it might have been an inside-the-park home run. That was a huge out right off the bat. And of course he made another very nice catch.

Q. Jim, you praised Burnett before the game. What did you see from him during the game especially after the first inning?
JIM LEYLAND: I told you, his stuff is so good that he can shut you down. I thought we hit some balls pretty decent. He wasn't real sharp early. We had our shot. In the first inning we may have been able to turn the game around. I thought Porcello really threw the ball well. He made a bad pitch to Derek on the double. I thought he really threw the ball. The ball had good life. He actually pitched well, to hold that team down like he did.
Like I said, we had a couple of chances real early on. That was a big play in the first inning. Then we got ourselves back into it. We leaked a little bit, obviously, there when we went to the bullpen late, which obviously some guys needed to pitch, and the situation dictated. But we let it get out of hand.

Q. Jim, just confirming, Fister for Game 5?
JIM LEYLAND: That would be correct.

Q. Can you talk about the mindset of this one. You talked obviously you had to win and they had to win two. Just the mindset of your club, going back to New York after losing 10-1.
JIM LEYLAND: It doesn't surprise me that the series is going five games. That doesn't surprise me at all. Hopefully that suit I bought three or four days ago will be fixed now. I can pick it up when I go back.

Q. You've talked a few times throughout the series that this is exciting, it's fun. Can you talk now going into Yankee Stadium, everything on the line.
JIM LEYLAND: I think that's great. There's no question about it. Yankee Stadium, it's going to be hopping. But I think I want to take this opportunity to certainly thank our fans. I think the excitement here matches anywhere. I think you saw what was going on here last night and again tonight, until it got out of the hand, I think it matches anywhere.
It's a great place, Yankee Stadium. This new stadium doesn't have the history, obviously, that the old one did, but still it's going to be a great atmosphere. We'll see what happens.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Jim. We'll see you in New York.
JIM LEYLAND: Thank you.

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