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October 4, 2011

Adrian Beltre


Texas – 4
Tampa Bay - 3

THE MODERATOR: Adrian Beltre is here.

Q. Ron just told us that today in batting practice he noticed that you were pretty much locked in and ready to go. Is that when you felt something like this could happen? Or was there any point in today that you thought something like this would happen?
ADRIAN BELTRE: Not really. You know, it is just one of those days. The first two games, they were tough on me. Moore pitched really good, really well. Shields has always been tough on me. And I was talking to my hitting coach, trying to find a little point where I was kind of not feeling right at home plate. I wasn't feeling comfortable, and yesterday I felt better.
And today in batting practice I feel a lot better, and it happens today I was able to put a good swing on pitches over the plate and connect good, put a good swing on it.

Q. Adrian, did any of your teammates say anything before the game or during the game like, Hey, I think you might hit a home run or two or maybe three? Were there any projections they made that ended up coming true?
ADRIAN BELTRE: No, we're out there trying to win the game. We didn't want to go back to Texas. We know they have a really good pitching staff. We got to Shields last night, but Shields always been tough on us. We don't want to give him the chance to kind of give a little life. I know how well they play.
And that's what we did today. Today was one of those days that our pitching, our pitching staff pick us up. And that's actually that whole series, they pitched really well. Besides the first game, they pitched really well.
And we know we got a good offering, but we didn't hit well like we normally do, and, you know, I think our pitching staff picked us up.

Q. Adrian, can you talk about the third homer, it was off Moore, a guy that nobody really hit the other day, what it felt like. What you were looking for there?
ADRIAN BELTRE: You know, like I said before, in the first start at home he was really tough. He has really good stuff. Today I went to home plate looking for a pitch over the plate that I can drive. And I didn't want him to give any pitch. I thought I was ready for the first pitch, and he threw me a fastball over the plate and I was able to put a good swing on it.

Q. When you went up for the fourth time today, were you going through your regular mental process, or how hard was it not to think about getting a fourth home run?
ADRIAN BELTRE: Not really. I was just trying to get a run there. Hit a line drive somewhere, maybe in the gapper. Because they were trying to come back and it was -- winning the game was more important for me than to hit the No. 4 homer.
Normally when we don't think about homers is when it happens. I was trying to get a good pitch to hit.

Q. Adrian, you had such a good season last year in Boston. What did you think going into the offseason? Did you think you would be going back there? Did you look ahead at a team like Texas? When did Texas enter the picture for you?
ADRIAN BELTRE: Early -- I think Texas showed some interest on me. I thought about going to Boston. Yeah, we spoke, we had a conversation, but it never happened. But for the teams that I finally knew that I was going to go was two or three teams, and Texas one of the top of them.
From my point of view Texas gave me the best chance to put a ring on my finger, and I am just two step away from it. And hopefully that happens.

Q. Adrian, you had a lot of big days as a pro, a lot of highlights. Where does this day rank for you?
ADRIAN BELTRE: Probably the best. I think besides my first hit in the Big League this is right up there, just because my team needed every bit of it to win the game tonight. And that means something.

Q. You mentioned Boston a moment ago. What's the difference in atmosphere in terms of the clubhouse between that team and the team that you're on right now?
ADRIAN BELTRE: It's hard to put in words. That clubhouse in Boston was a really good clubhouse. We had really good teammates, guys that play hard every day.
It is something about this team that's a little different. You know, every guy here pull for each other. We have fun, but at the same time we know what to do to play the game. And everybody is prepared to win. And besides the players, even the coaches, they are on you, but they are loose.
This is like a family here, and it makes everybody really comfortable.

Q. When you're locked in like you were today, you had three home runs on three swings, you didn't foul anything off, are you even aware of that when that's happening?
ADRIAN BELTRE: Nah, not really. When I am at home plate, I am just trying to see a pitch and trying to put a good swing on it.

Q. Sorry, I came in late, you may have already answered this. Wash said you were really locked in in batting practice. Did you feel that way as well?

Q. And you felt different than -- more locked than other days?
ADRIAN BELTRE: More than in the last three days, yes. For some reason I didn't feel right in batting practice. I wasn't really hitting the ball like I wanted to, and today something click and feel better in batting practice.
I guess the confidence took over the game and held me to whatever I did today.

Q. Adrian, after you left the Dodgers in '04, this is obviously the first playoff appearance since then. When you were going through the playoffs with the Dodgers, did you think you would be back in the playoffs next year and the year after?
ADRIAN BELTRE: That's what you play for. You don't play to go home. You are trying to get to the postseason. That's where you want to be. Especially for me it has been over, what, a seven-year stretch, but I am here and we wanted to finish what we start.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much, Adrian.

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