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October 3, 2011

Delmon Young


New York Yankees 4
Detroit Tigers 5

Q. Delmon, what kind of year has this been for you with the trade, being a hero now in the postseason?
DELMON YOUNG: The total year has been up and down. Ever since I came to Detroit it has been a lot of positives. I've been enjoying the time with the guys over here and winning ballgames all series -- I mean the divisional championship.
We're just looking to come out here as a team and trying to take care of business tomorrow.

Q. Delmon, can you just walk us through the homer. What did you see and were you anticipating anything there or just reacting?
DELMON YOUNG: I was just going up there, just trying to get a good pitch to hit. Try to get on base for Miggy and Victor coming up after me. We needed desperately to get a run, because playing a tie ballgame with the Yankees late in the game is never fun. There's always some type of spark and magic that they have late in ballgames. If they get a lead, they have Rivera coming in, so we're desperate to try to get some runs across the board late.

Q. Talk about CC's night. Did he seem uncharacteristically wild from the start to you?
DELMON YOUNG: I don't know if he was, like, wild or anything. It was he wasn't putting guys away. Usually on the third pitch once he gets two strikes on us -- on Friday once he got two strikes, he was putting us away really quick. He just couldn't finish us up quick. It led to good at-bats and eventually some walks.

Q. Just considering the year that you had and how weird it has been for you, what did it feel like when you saw that ball go over the fence and you rounded the bases and heard the crowd behind you in this situation?
DELMON YOUNG: I knew I had Verlander coming out for the eighth and Valverde for the ninth. I was pretty excited knowing we had a lead and we had two of the best pitchers in baseball coming in for the next two innings.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Delmon.

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