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October 3, 2011

Kenny Rogers


Q. Kenny, I heard some of the guys talked to you already. Did you have any words of wisdom before this game tonight?
KENNY ROGERS: I don't think I gave them any words of wisdom. I told Ver I would set him up for the Yankees; with my first pitch being as slow as it will be, he's going to look like he throws 1,000.

Q. Kenny, how much do you remember that postseason in '06 and kind of how everything built and the performance you gave? Everybody remembers the fastball being what it was.
KENNY ROGERS: More than normal?

Q. Yes, that's a pretty good way to put it.
KENNY ROGERS: I think I remember a lot about it. I knew going into it I was going to try to do something different. I think physically I paid for that few games, because I tried to throw the ball so much harder than normal. Then the next Spring Training I'm getting an artery taken out of my leg. But it was by far worth it for me.
I'm excited that the Tigers have another chance to go to the World Series, getting into the playoffs. It's great for the city, Detroit. Probably the best fans that I was fortunate enough to be able to play for. I'm excited for the area here for sure.

Q. How much do you stay up with these guys? Do you keep in touch with them at all? Any of the guys from that team, as they've gone through the season, how much influence have you had on them at all?
KENNY ROGERS: I keep up with the Tigers more than any other team. I really -- if I'm honest -- I got away from the game a lot. I haven't watched a full game since I left. But I have watched a few innings here of Justin or Rick once in a while just to watch. Just to see what's going on. They've done pretty well, and any kind of motivation I can give them -- I think they've done pretty well on their own with Skip and the coaching staff. It's been fun to watch. I'm hoping they go as far as they can, for sure.

Q. Kenny, I talked to Justin earlier in the summer and he said you guys keep in touch somewhat regularly. He said one of the big moments for him, probably about ten starts into the season, was you telling him, hey, I turned on the game and I saw you actually pitching. Can you talk about what you've seen in him and the advances he's made, particularly this season?
KENNY ROGERS: I think over my whole career, when I first saw Justin pitch his first game in Texas, luckily I was pitching after him, and without a doubt, he's had the best stuff I've ever seen from a pitcher, as good a curveball, change-up, excellent fastball, and he can dominate any lineup they put out there. But over the years that I was here, he was by far more of a thrower and trying to throw to a vicinity, and not locating very well.
This year I have no doubt -- I watched a lot of games where I saw a pitcher evolving, locating a lot more than he used to. And basically the trajectory of his pitches were crisper, more of a downward angle and not flat, which I like. It shows he was as dominant as any pitcher in baseball this year. It's a credit to his work.
Also I think he's evolving by his experience level and becoming more and more -- and that's what it takes to become a good pitcher, not just having the best stuff. It's being able to be a guy that can locate, change speeds, and when you need to, hit your spots. But also when he got into the seventh or eighth inning, he pitched his way up to the seventh, if he had to try another gear if he got into a little bit of trouble, he can throw that ball 100 miles an hour. I never could teach him that, that's for sure.

Q. Kenny, how easy was it for you to make a clean break from baseball and kind of slip into I guess what people would call a normal life? And is there any part of you that misses the game, whether it's not just playing but even from a coaching standpoint?
KENNY ROGERS: I would say the first year I missed it a little bit. But when it came down to it, I knew my body was just ready to be done. I hurt all over a lot of times. After the first year, the itch went away, and I knew it was the right decision. I'm not much for not being able to, I guess, carry my weight. I didn't feel like I did that the last year. I was hurt too much and not able to get out there. That's one thing I didn't want to do.
It really affirmed that I made the right choice to stop at that right time. I think you always miss being competitive, but I find other ways to try and quench that thirst.
Major League Baseball, I was so lucky to play as long as I did. I was more fortunate than pretty much as anyone else because I never thought I would have a day in the Big Leagues, as much as 20 years would give me.

Q. Can you update us on what you're doing now and what your plans are in terms of anything with baseball in the future.
KENNY ROGERS: Right now I stay as much as I can with my family, my kids, and I got away from baseball just mainly for that reason, and to save my body a little bit. Really, I've tried to spend as much time with them. Whenever my kids go to college or out on their own, I may think about doing something more along the lines of coaching or something. But right now it's trying to stay as much in touch with my kids and my wife as I can.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.
KENNY ROGERS: The easiest one I've ever had.

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