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October 2, 2011

Jon Jay


Cardinals Ā– 5
Phillies - 4

Q. Take us through the play at the plate. At that point is there nothing else you can really do than just try to bowl the catcher over and hope the ball comes out?
JON JAY: Yeah, I thought that was my only option. IbaƱez put the throw on the money, and I knew it was going to be close, so that was my only option I had right there, and I went for it.

Q. IbaƱez, what are your scouting reports as far as his arm? You tested his arm twice, he got you guys one time.
JON JAY: Both those times there's two outs and we've got to do what we've got to do right now. He's an accurate thrower. He put both those balls right there. But at that point in the game and with two outs, you've got to take your chance.

Q. How solidly did you hit Carlos (Ruiz)? And did you think the ball was going to come out?
JON JAY: You know, I mean, it happened all so quick, I haven't seen a replay or anything like that. I thought I got him all right, and I was hoping that the ball would come out but it didn't, and it worked out in his favor, and he did a good job of holding onto the ball right there.

Q. Tony seemed to express some frustration about the strike zone and said that you guys had to adjust as the game went on. Did you notice that, too, that you guys had to adjust with the way things were going behind the plate?
JON JAY: Well, we try not to pay attention to that. We try to go out there and not get distracted by anything. We try to stick with our game plan and try to get some pitches over the middle or over the plate, and we were able to come out on top today.

Q. Down 4-0 with Lee on the mound early in the game, what was the mood like in the dugout?
JON JAY: Yeah, I mean, it's definitely not somewhere you want to be, but it's the playoffs. We're not going to quit, and that's something the team has done all year. We went out there, we played hard, we fought hard, and we came back and we were able to win tonight.

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