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October 2, 2011

Miguel Cabrera


Detroit Tigers 5
New York Yankees 3

Q. You seem to enjoy playing first base. I noticed you chatting with Cano and Jeter and Granderson when they come by. Do you like to say hello to people?
MIGUEL CABRERA: Yes. When you have a chance to chat with great players like that, you have to enjoy. You have to focus on the game, too, but you have to enjoy. You have to relax. Get the pressure away and try to do your job.

Q. Miguel, kind of staying in the same vain, when you stole the base, Jeter came over and talked to you. Was he joking with you?
MIGUEL CABRERA: No, we were talking about our at-bats. Strike zone, where he swing, where he don't swing. We talked about hitting right there.

Q. Miguel, just what does it mean to you to be back in the playoffs for the first time since 2003? You seem to love this.
MIGUEL CABRERA: A lot. We work for this. We work to get to the playoffs. We work to get a chance to win the World Series, if you get a chance. When you're here, you have nothing to lose. You have to go out there and play hard and try and do your job.

Q. In batting practice today, you seemed to be working to hit the ball to right field. Was that anything special because of the ballpark?
MIGUEL CABRERA: No, that's part of my game. Try to drive the ball to the other way. When they pitch inside, try to use my hands to pull the ball. When you see a pitcher like Freddy, you have to do that. He gets you off balance. So you want your hands stay inside and try to hit it the other way.

Q. How well do you know Freddy, and what do you know about the way he pitches? And what was the pitch you hit for the home run?
MIGUEL CABRERA: It was fastball, slider. Something like that. I faced him a lot. I faced him when he was in Philadelphia. I faced him when he was in Chicago. I know him very well. I got a lot of at-bats against him.

Q. I'm just wondering what you remember about the last time you hit a postseason home run, which was against Roger Clemens in Game 4 of that '03 World Series. First year in the Big Leagues.
MIGUEL CABRERA: You can't forget about this. I was 20 years old, World Series against the Yankees. You can't forget about that. It was like very nice day. God gave me a chance to one day so far day be with a great team.

Q. In this situation, a lot of people get nervous, in these big games. How do you not get nervous?
MIGUEL CABRERA: I get nervous. Don't get me wrong. I think everybody gets nervous. When you warm up, when you -- before the game, when you step on the field, they throw the first strike, the nerves go away.
THE MODERATOR: Miguel, we're going to let you take a couple in Spanish.

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