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October 2, 2011

C.C. Sabathia


Q. CC, how do you feel physically? And can you at least describe what the other night took out of you as you prepare for tomorrow?
CC SABATHIA: I feel pretty good. Played light catch yesterday. I threw 27 pitches. I feel good. I'm ready to go.

Q. CC, can you relate the conversation you wound up having with Joe about possibly pitching today and how that went?
CC SABATHIA: There was no conversation. He told me I was pitching today. I think everybody knows, of course, if he would have asked me, I would have tried to persuade him to have me pitch today. But he just said flat out, "You are pitching on Monday." That's what it is.

Q. You expressed you were disappointed the other night obviously the build-up to Game 1 and facing Verlander. Have you now begun to think about what a big game Game 3 will be, and again getting that match-up with Justin?
CC SABATHIA: They're all big games at this point in the season. So I'll try to go out and get off to a good start, pound the strike zone and hopefully pitch well.

Q. CC, one of the things the Yankees said about you coming back today would be that it wouldn't have been fair to you that you wouldn't have been necessarily at your best. What's your view of that?
CC SABATHIA: That's the way I felt. I always feel if I take the ball I'm healthy enough and feel good enough to go out there and give my best effort. Sometimes that doesn't always happen, but I wouldn't go out there if I didn't feel right.

Q. CC, starting pitchers are such creatures of habit with the five-day routine. Is it an adjustment mentally going from Friday night to tomorrow, just in terms of your cycle in between starts?
CC SABATHIA: No, I mean, I feel pretty good. Joe told me right away when I got here I was pitching Monday. I played catch and did my routine in the weight room. I'm ready to go.

Q. CC, how do you feel your stuff was the other night compared to maybe your last few starts during the regular season?
CC SABATHIA: I felt like my fastball command was a lot better. That's something I had been struggling with the last month of the season. It was only two innings, but it was definitely a lot better than it had been.

Q. What did you think of what Nova did last night?
CC SABATHIA: Unbelievable. It's not surprising, though. He's very confident, and you can see him growing all year. It's not surprising what he did, but it was great to see.

Q. I asked this question of Justin about pitching in Detroit. When you pitched in Cleveland, did you think about what the success of sports teams in that town did for the city, for the fans?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah. I mean, I played in Cleveland, it was awesome. When we had good teams, the fans came out and supported it. They love the Browns. LeBron was there. It's an unbelievable sports town. It means a lot to a city like that. I'm sure Detroit will be coming out and supporting their team.

Q. Do you think it's any different in a city like Cleveland or Detroit, Midwest city, rather than say New York, which has so much else going on?
CC SABATHIA: I think this is the best place to play baseball. It's the Bronx. It's the Yankees. With all the history and tradition. It's just unbelievable, especially around this time. I always will say this is the best place to play.

Q. CC, you've pitched at Comerica a lot obviously, so what are the considerations for a pitcher pitching there with the big outfield and so forth?
CC SABATHIA: It's a big park, but they got a good lineup and they got some big hitters. I don't change my approach park to park. I pitch the way I pitch in any park, and be aggressive in the strike zone and try to get outs early in the count.

Q. CC, when Justin was in here, he said even with the strange scenario the other night, just getting his feet wet, Game 1 only an inning, he said it actually might be a benefit going into Monday. Is there any part for you that feels similarly, just getting the two innings under your belt and coming back quickly?
CC SABATHIA: I would have liked to have pitched the game. Just like I said, all the build-up and everything. But, yeah, I know the game plan. We went over it a couple of days ago. I'll just try to go out and execute.

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