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October 1, 2011

Doug Fister


Detroit Tigers 3
New York Yankees 9

Q. Hey, Doug, I just want to get your thoughts on the pitch to Gardner. You had him right where you wanted him 0-2. What happened on that pitch? Maybe you didn't get it accomplished?
DOUG FISTER: I really wanted to bounce the curveball. I left it up a little bit. He put it where he needed to put it. It's a groundball through the hole. They scored some runs on it.

Q. First of all, Doug, how strange was it to just start the game in the bottom of the second inning like that, and then try to get a tempo?
DOUG FISTER: For me, that was a scheduled 8:37 start, wasn't anything different. It's tied 1-1. It's basically a 0-0 ballgame in my head. Just as always. I go up there facing the Yankee lineup, and it's no different for me if it's bottom of the first, top of the first. It's all the same.

Q. Did you feel that in the early going you had like five strikeouts through the fourth inning, and it seemed like you were getting the Yankees to bite on a lot of your pitches that were starting into the zone and dipping out. Did they start laying off pitches later on in your outing? Did that change at all?
DOUG FISTER: No. They put a few good swings on a ball, and so -- Alex and I were trying to keep them off balance. They just kept attacking. We tried doing our best to mix them up and put the balls in the right location. I missed my location on a few of them, and obviously they made me pay.

Q. What about Cano, where the ball that almost went out?
DOUG FISTER: You know, he got a good fastball to hit. It didn't obviously sink the way I wanted it to. I left it over the plate. He hit it well.

Q. So you're now projected, if this goes five, you'll be the Game 5 pitcher?
DOUG FISTER: I couldn't tell you. That's up to Jim.

Q. So he hasn't talked to you about that yet?
DOUG FISTER: No. We're taking this one step at a time.

Q. I think he kind of indicated that in here yesterday or earlier today.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks a lot for coming down.

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