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October 1, 2011

Robinson Cano


Detroit Tigers 3
New York Yankees 9

Q. Robbie, were you surprised that they brought in a righty to face you? And what did you know about Albuquerque when before you faced him?
ROBINSON CANO: Well, I mean, obviously I was surprised. They have lefty-righty in the 'pen. But good teams, he bring the righty. So it ended up in our favor. I mean, that's a decision that he made, but I was looking for something that I just can drive. Not looking for the home run. Something I can at least get one RBI, so we can put some more runs in the lead.

Q. Robbie, a couple of years the way Alex carried this team through the postseason with his bat. When you watch that, is that something that you are inspired to do for this team?
ROBINSON CANO: He's the guy that -- I remember a few years ago when they put him in the fifth spot, he was the one that helped me. Been training, take me to do some exercises. He was the guy I see talking about man in scoring positions, big situations. A guy like him, a lot of seasons with 100 RBIs.

Q. Robbie, the last couple of weeks a lot of teams found a way to pitch around you. Did it feel good to get into a spot where there were guys on base almost every time you came up and they had to pitch to you?
ROBINSON CANO: Yeah, honestly, yeah. You want to be able to do that with men in scoring position. At the same time, they walk you, you go to first and then your teammates behind you do the job, too. It's not about one player. It's about the whole team.
But they put me in the spot that I could -- that they had to pitch to me. It's good the way that came through tonight.

Q. You've been through a lot of playoff series. How big is Game 1 in a short series? And how impressive were you with Nova?
ROBINSON CANO: The first game is good. When you're behind, you have to get in your mind you have to come back and tie the series the next day. We're not going to take it for granted. We're going to go out there tomorrow and win a game.
Nova was good. He's a guy after he came back from Triple-A, you know how good he's been. He's throwing every pitch for a strike. And he feels confidence. He feels like he belongs here.

Q. Just being the No. 3 hitter for the Yankees entering the postseason obviously carries a certain responsibility with it. What did that responsibility feel like to you tonight?
ROBINSON CANO: Well, I mean, it's big. Big. It's really big. But like I said, that's anything -- that's one thing I'm gonna change my game. I'm not going to put pressure on myself, well, I'm in the third spot. I'll just go out there and just do what I did in the regular season. Do my job with men in scoring position.

Q. You probably heard the fans chanting "MVP!" for Granderson. Do you think they should be chanting it for you as well?
ROBINSON CANO: That's something not in my mind. We have to give credit to Granderson the way he helped the team the whole year. Right now my focus is in the playoffs. So I'll let you guys decide that. Like I said, my goal is just to win it all.

Q. Robbie, for a long time you were one of the younger guys here. There are always a lot of bigger names here, bigger stars. Are you starting to feel like you're one of the main guys here now?
ROBINSON CANO: Honestly, I mean, I look around me, you got Jeter, Alex, Tex, Posada. So you look around, you have a lot of guys around me. I still look at myself as one of the youngest. The guy that has to improve and keep getting better.

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