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October 1, 2011

Simon Dyson


MICHAEL GIBBONS: Not often you're disappointed with a 63, but you almost had the Old Course record --
SIMON DYSON: Very, very pleased with today. I didn't realise that putt on the last was for the course record. Rory is a good name to share it with.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Tell us about the round, obviously a great effort and you're right up there going into tomorrow again.
SIMON DYSON: I got off to a flyer again. I holed about a 30-footer at the second and holed about a 30-footer at the third and it just the start that you want. And then parred 4. The thing is, the way we played it today, we played it in off the right going out and the wind was playing in off the left coming back. A few pins it helped you with.
Yeah, knocked it on in two on 5, birdied that. Just missed for birdie on 6, and then birdied 7, holed about a 12-footer there. Parred 8, parred 9.
So, good start, good 5-under going out. And then hit it to about six-foot on 10. Birdied that. About three-foot on 11, knocked that in. Just missed for birdie on 12. Hit a lovely 4-iron into 13 to about 12-foot, rolled that in. Then a 6-footer on 14 and then parred in.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Easy game eh?
SIMON DYSON: Sounds it when it's like that, but it wasn't.

Q. What has changed for you in terms of the recent form and how well you are doing?
SIMON DYSON: I honestly don't know. We'll just have to wait and see. I'm playing some really good golf at the minute and really enjoying it as well. You know, for the first time in a while, even in my weeks off, I'm still practising and training, whereas before, if I was having a good run, on weeks off, I was having a couple of nights out and enjoying it.
Now, just feels nice to keep this roll going. I haven't had a drink in 11 weeks and I've had one drink in the last three months.

Q. Have you celebrated your wins?
SIMON DYSON: I haven't celebrated any of them yet.

Q. How long was the putt at the last?
SIMON DYSON: For birdie? 15 feet, left it three feet short right in the middle, a bit disappointing. But I had lost all feeling in my hands by then. My hands were really cold.

Q. Are you totally off the drink?
SIMON DYSON: No, I went out for a few beers with my mates and my trainer. We had had like a week off and it was on a Saturday night, and went and had a gym session and said, let's go and have a few beers, and we did. I enjoyed them, but it's not something that I think it about that much anymore.

Q. Inaudible.
SIMON DYSON: Well, I mean, I'm going to be a dad in March, so that it was that was a big part of it, as well. I said to my wife, listen, you're not going to be drinking, so I'll have a go with you. It won't last, I know it won't (laughter) but we might as well see how long it can.

Q. Are you smoking instead now?
SIMON DYSON: Not on anything, just health drinks and that's about it. Having a good effort with it. I'm quite enjoying how I'm feeling. So the better results you get from doing things it, I mean, there's no reason to drink and do anything -- I'm enjoying the results I'm getting. I've got a week off coming up after Portugal and I'll definitely be having a drink then, but nothing major.

Q. Will you have a drink if you win here tomorrow?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, probably. Yeah, I'm sure I would.

Q. Was the Open a turning point for you?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, I think it was. I think like The Open week, I had my trainer down with me at Sandwich; and just standing on the first tee knowing that I had prepared properly for it, and I felt really good. Every time I stood up on the first tee, I felt strong; I felt fit.
And then the week after The Open, I went to see a nutritionalist, as well. She's got me on all sorts of stuff. And I feel great for it. You know, I made the key decision to train full-time, which I'm doing, and it's a huge part of it. In any official hotel that we stay in, you go in the gym, there's not one piece of equipment free. There's players on everything. It is a huge part of the game now.
You see it a lot more playing with amateurs. I'm not saying amateurs are unfit, but you see them struggle more towards the end, whereas the top guys, the top pros, that's where they are making their birdies and making their charges. They still feel fit at the end. You don't see that in the amateurs, and it's just part of the game, fitness. It's huge.

Q. Are you in a different league now?
SIMON DYSON: I wouldn't say in a different league because you have the best players in the world year. But as far as it I'm concerned, I feel I'm even a better player than I was four months ago, and I made a key decision to try and change that with doing what I'm doing, and thankfully, it's worked, and it's working. I'm starting to see the benefits from it and I'm starting to feel the benefits from it, as well, not just mentally, but physically, as well.

Q. Were you in awe of the Westwoods etc?
SIMON DYSON: Yeah, you're talking about the best players in the world and at some stage in my career, I wasn't at the same stage as them and I was a bit in awe. Now I look -- I relish playing with them. I love it. I played with Graeme McDowell the first day, enjoyed it; U.S. Open Champion.
And I played with Martin Kaymer today. You know, it's good to put yourself against these guys, and I really do enjoy playing with the top players now. Hopefully there's a few more years left of doing it.
MICHAEL GIBBONS: Simon, good luck tomorrow.

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