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October 1, 2011

Michael Hoey


Q. Nice putt to finish for par.
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, didn't want to go out with a 3-putt. That would have been -- dinner wouldn't have tasted very nice.
Struggled a little bit towards the end with original my rhythm. Everything went very well today. Short game was unbelievable, best it's ever been, chipping, holed a bunker shot, pace and everything was good.
Definitely getting all of the breaks, and the rough, getting good lies. So everything has sort of gone my way so far so just keep it relaxed again tomorrow.

Q. You've played possibly the hardest course in the worst of the conditions, but you made it look easy out there.
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, it was weird, it didn't really seem that hard. I don't know, I was just sort of missing on the right sides, and just hitting good, short irons in there. For a while, it felt easy -- but felt towards the end, wanted a good one to finish with. Sure, I would have taken maybe 2-, 3-under going out easily.

Q. Were you keeping an eye on the leaderboard?
MICHAEL HOEY: Yeah, I was looking at it but then I was saying, don't look at it, one shot at a time. But it's great to be in the lead in a really big tournament. But it's been a long way to go. But playing at the Old Course, a special place.

Q. Special day tomorrow. What will your approach for tomorrow's round be?
MICHAEL HOEY: Well, obviously same again as here just enjoy it with Will. He's having a great time on the links course this year. I think we are leading, as well, so that always hopes. We are just having a good time and just having a bit of conversation, as well.

Q. Nice to take your mind off it, as well.

Q. In the past, Rory McIlroy has talked about your mind game holding you back, or you've spoken about it; what's been the problem there?
MICHAEL HOEY: Probably just been really hard on myself. So trying to relax is obviously what I need to do. I've done that well so far. And you know this, year, as well, at Madeira, I felt that I did that quite well. Yeah, just working at that. Golf is very mental. You have to accept poor shots, that's it.

Q. And talking about Madeira, that kind of got the win in the bag early on in the season; has that taken the pressure off, especially this week?
MICHAEL HOEY: Not really, because you still want to do well. So it's not as if you just go and relax. You want to do well in these tournaments, and the really big ones, it's good for the World Ranking. I want to try to get the bigger tournaments. But just gave me confidence and I'm sure that my game improved a lot.

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