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October 1, 2011

Freddy Garcia


Q. Freddy, were you surprised at all that you're going to get the start and that CC, after saying he would like to convince Girardi to pitch on Sunday, you're still going to get the ball?
FREDDY GARCIA: Well, you know, we try to win here, and the team thinks CC needs a couple more days to be 100% again. He throw like 45 pitches yesterday, throw like 20 after rain delay. So he need to, you know, be sure he's 100% to pitch. That's what we need.

Q. Freddy, you came in to camp on a Minor League invite. How satisfying is it for you to be sitting here and starting a playoff game now?
FREDDY GARCIA: I got to be really honest to you, I got to be happy. Came to Spring Training, you know, try to make the team. I'm glad I did it. Signed with the Yankees. You know, if I pitch good enough, I get a chance to get in the playoffs. They give me right now the shot to start one of the games.

Q. Freddy, with the time off you had late in the season and everything, because of the finger, just going through all that and it's been a while since you've been in the playoffs. How excited are you to get back here?
FREDDY GARCIA: It's been a long time. You always remember good times, when I pitched in '05. I'm ready to pitch, man. I'm going to show up tomorrow and do my best.

Q. Freddy, you've had a lot of experience in the postseason. You're a different pitcher now than you were then. How much does that experience help you here in these situations?
FREDDY GARCIA: For me I got to go, you know, one pitch at a time. I cannot live in the past, when I used to throw hard and whatever. I have to live with what I got right now, and go with my plans. If I do that, I can be successful. So that's what I want to do, one pitch at a time, and do the best I can.

Q. How would you say that you learned to become a different pitcher? How did you learn to readjust to the type of arsenal you have now, the type of pitches you have now?
FREDDY GARCIA: I have to. If I want to pitch in the Big Leagues, whatever I have right now, I have to do whatever I can, throw -- try to learn any kind of pitch I can. I have to go there, sinker, backdoor slider, slow curve, I throw anything that I locate and throw for a strike every pitch.

Q. A lot of people say in the postseason it's about power pitchers. Do you think you have any sort of advantage here with all the different things you are able to do to try to get guys out?
FREDDY GARCIA: You know, I never think whatever people say. I got to live, like I said before, with what I got. How many pitchers you know throw hard and they don't get people out in the postseason, the regular season. So for me, I got to go out there and be myself and get those guys out.

Q. Do you have any memories at all, brief as it was, of your time in Detroit?
FREDDY GARCIA: I was there for a little bit, so not really.

Q. I know it's a little bit. I wonder if anything stood out.
FREDDY GARCIA: I love to pitch there. Great ballpark. That's a pitcher's ballpark. That's a good memory.

Q. Piggybacking off of that a little bit, does the fact that you're now pitching in Yankee Stadium over Comerica, does that matter to you? Or would you rather just have started that game in Detroit?
FREDDY GARCIA: No, I don't really care. I am a pitcher. I have to be ready for any scenario. I'll be ready tomorrow and go from there.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Freddy.

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