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September 30, 2011

C.C. Sabathia



THE MODERATOR: Just a few questions for CC.

Q. CC, especially for the playoffs in such a marquee match-up, how disappointing is this?
CC SABATHIA: It's definitely disappointing. Game 1, it looked like it was going to be a good game. We're used to this. We have a lot of rainouts this year. We'll bounce back and be ready tomorrow.

Q. Do you anticipate starting Game 3?
CC SABATHIA: I have no idea. Something we hadn't discussed yet. Skip just said, see how you feel. We'll see.

Q. Given the light workday do you have a sense for your own body when you would be ready to start again?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah. I can see tomorrow. Only threw 27 pitches but I did do a full warmup, so we'll see.

Q. How long could that have gone before you could have gone back? At what point do they cut it off?
CC SABATHIA: I was going back out. No matter what. It's just that time of year. I would have been very upset if we would have started the game and I wasn't back out there.

Q. Even if it went for an hour?
CC SABATHIA: Didn't matter.

Q. We see 27 pitches. Can you give us an idea physically how much you exert yourself basically through two innings of work?
CC SABATHIA: I mean, no. I mean, I was feeling pretty good. Like I said, my side days, I don't do a full warmup. I went through my full pre-game warmup. That's about 48 pitches, too.
Like I said, I'll just see how I feel tomorrow and work with Skip and see what happens.

Q. CC, you don't pitch until the third game, that means you'll be limited to one start in the series. If you pitch Sunday, you can pitch two. Girardi figures there will be a conversation with you. Your perspective?
CC SABATHIA: I want the ball as much as possible. But like I said, we'll just have to wait and see. See what happens.

Q. CC, you slipped on your last pitch. How bad was it? Was it unpitchable?
CC SABATHIA: No, I didn't feel that until -- I didn't even know I slipped until I watched it on TV. I didn't really feel it until the ball was gone. It was raining pretty good, though. Conditions got bad pretty quick.

Q. CC, did you continue to throw while underneath while it was raining in anticipation? And did that affect you?
CC SABATHIA: Yeah, about 15 minutes after I went down to the cage and started playing catch with Montero a little bit. Took the tarp off for a second, and I was ready to go back, ready to go back out. Got some hot stuff on and I was ready to go.

Q. CC, just to clarify, you will present your case to Joe to pitch on Sunday?
CC SABATHIA: Sure. If that means I get the ball as many times as possible, I'm all for it.

Q. How much do you think it would compromise your teams chances if you were only able to pitch once in this series?
CC SABATHIA: I'm confident in our guys. Nova has had a great year. Freddy has pitched well. I don't want to sit here and say if I don't pitch, we can't win, because we've been doing it all year.

Q. CC, as you sit up there now, are you frustrated? Are you disappointed you just didn't get a chance to get these guys?
CC SABATHIA: Disappointed. So much build-up and anticipation coming into the game, the playoffs, and to have it rained out is disappointing.

Q. CC, do you feel like you were throwing the ball better tonight than you have recently?
CC SABATHIA: There was only two innings, but, yeah. I was getting ahead. The counts were better. I felt pretty good.

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