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September 30, 2011

Joe Torre


THE MODERATOR: Just a couple of quick questions or do you want to talk about the process?
JOE TORRE: I was listening to Jimmy. We certainly were not going to start a game if we had a forecast of heavy rain. Whether it was CC or Justin or two other guys, because it certainly isn't fair to either club.
Our forecast was light, intermittent showers. Nothing that was threatening, except until late tonight. Obviously that forecast changed, and we came up with the result that we did. The fact that we're going to play tomorrow, pick it up in the bottom of the second inning and play on Sunday at 3:07.

Q. In the back of your head, do you have an alternative in case we rain out tomorrow, what that might be?
JOE TORRE: I'm going to be in Philadelphia tomorrow. That would solve my problem. No, seriously --

Q. What about our problem?
JOE TORRE: I am going to be in Philadelphia tomorrow. Obviously, we're going to have to come up with a plan if we get rained out tomorrow. Certainly, we hope that the forecast is going to be better than we were told about tomorrow, because the forecast originally tomorrow was worse than today. So hopefully that's going to change, too.

Q. Joe, speaking of another rain-out, when Joe Girardi was in here, he said a split double-header could not be ruled out. Was he kidding? Or is that actually a possibility?
JOE TORRE: We haven't settled on anything, but if it keeps raining, you have to play games. That's the only thing I can say. Nothing is chiseled in stone here yet. With as much rain as we've had this year and it continues -- today never in my wildest dreams with the way today was weather-wise, you would think you were going to run into this tonight. I don't want to think about that tonight.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming, here.

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