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September 30, 2011

Marc Warren


Q. Important to build on that, and you certainly did that today?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, obviously Carnoustie is probably the toughest of the three courses. You know, it was tricky yesterday. We had the wind up, we played the first four holes probably and it was calm. Any time you shoot under par around there, but 67 I was more than happy with.
Today I knew was going to be more chances probably today and I had to be patient. You know, from 10, it was probably a little bit tougher. No it danger on the back nine. Did a good job being patient, out in level par. Only bogey was a 3-putt. The front nine could have been anything really.

Q. The birdies were all close in?
MARC WARREN: I holed a good putt on 2. Hit it to ten feet on 1 and then 15 feet on 2. Hit it to about eight feet on 3 and missed that. Two feet on 4, missed that. 2-putted 5, the par 5. Stiffed it on the next. So could have been really low. But 5-under is probably good enough.

Q. You've talked all been is invitations and making the most of them. This is one that you make the most of this one, it makes a heck of a difference, doesn't it.
MARC WARREN: Obviously there's huge prize money this week. But any time you play in Scotland, it's that extra bit special and you want to do well for that reason alone. But obviously there's other things I need to do, as well.
But doing a good job at the moment of putting that to the back of my mind and done that the last two days and sitting on a good number at the moment.

Q. Obviously Kingsbarns is where people think they can go and shoot a score; do you want it to continue like this again tomorrow? Do you want to make the most of that?
MARC WARREN: Kingsbarns is a tricky golf course, as well. And wedges have been good this week, something I felt like the last few weeks I wasn't as good. Been working hard on that this week and they have been really good today again. So just keep going the same tomorrow I think.

Q. Have you anymore invites after this?
MARC WARREN: I've been speaking it actually to Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño about next week. I'm just getting a hold of anyone on the chance they might know somebody. (Laughter).
It's not a good situation to be in, relying on invites and whatever. I would love to take care of it myself this week, but if not, then hopefully Gonzo can do me a favour.

Q. Do you feel you're getting mentally strong, as well, do you feel that's going to be important?
MARC WARREN: Just little things like today, starting to see guys getting to 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-under par, and I'm still at 5, and I did have a lot of chances on the front nine, as well. It would have been easy to get impatient and start forcing a bit. But just giving myself lots of chances on the front nine which is all I can do. I was pleased with that side, as well.

Q. You know if you can get in on Sunday --
MARC WARREN: Obviously I don't know if I can but the best possible thing to come out of this week would be to come out with an exemption. I've not done any harm to my chances the first few days.
Obviously a long way to go, 36 holes, anything can happen. But it's nice to be in this position again and swinging the club the way I am.

Q. Do you know what you need to do to get your card?
MARC WARREN: Position-wise this week, I don't.

Q. Just in general, a number or target?
MARC WARREN: Usually it's probably 220, 230, something like that and the last few years it's been something I've aimed at. But obviously if you kind of think that way you won't get to that mark so I've got to keep trying to think a little bit higher than that.
So just it's easy to lower your expectations to try and give yourself a bit of a cushion but forcing myself to try -- I do feel as if I'm playing well, and I think consistently, I have been doing that. I've never been as consistent probably as I have been the last couple of months. So keep your expectations high and hopefully confidence will follow that.

Q. After Madrid, do you start to worry about the invitations after Madrid?
MARC WARREN: It's just the same situation I've been in all year. I've been really lucky, the events I've played and invites I've got. Hopefully the sponsors or whoever is in charge look favourably on kind of not too far ago, winning the World Cup and other tournaments. And obviously the last couple of days, my decent form and last week and decent performance at Gleneagles don't do you any harm.
As I said, you know, I would much rather take care of myself on Sunday.

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