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September 30, 2011

Doug Fister


Q. Doug, what was the first half of the season like for you since you were pitching well and weren't getting the results? And what was your reaction to coming to Detroit all of a sudden?
DOUG FISTER: The first half of the season was obviously different. I was in Seattle. I mean, thoroughly enjoyed being in Seattle my whole career. I had wonderful teammates and wonderful camaraderie there that was one of a kind. Now obviously playing for Detroit, it's different. Different clubhouse, different camaraderie. It's a different brotherhood, but at the same time, something I wouldn't trade for. I wouldn't trade this experience. Very grateful for it.

Q. Doug, you've obviously pitched better in Detroit, improving on what you had in Seattle on the first half of the season. Your strikeouts spiked and you had a 13-strikeout game there. What happened there in terms of striking out more guys and the improvements you made?
DOUG FISTER: I really couldn't tell you. I haven't changed any approach, my mindset or figured out a new pitch. Trying to keep hitters off balance and mixing pitches a lot more than getting any patterns. I guess I've talked to (Jeff) Jones quite a bit, as far as throwing the curveball more. But other than that, I really couldn't tell you.

Q. What do you have planned for the Yankees? You pitched against them earlier in the year when you were with the Mariners?
DOUG FISTER: Yes. Basically, again, I've taken the same mindset. I'm going to go out there and attack with my best stuff. I don't have a certain game plan for this team or that team. Alex (Avila) and I are going to kind of go over some of our strategy and just kind of attack with our best and let the defense work behind me.

Q. Was it just a little mind-boggling for you to have jumped from Seattle to a trade to the second game of the Division Series so quickly?
DOUG FISTER: It's been a whirlwind of emotions. At the same time, it's been something that I'm very grateful for. It's something that's taught me how to just kind of take things one step at a time. That's the mindset I'm taking right now. Just kind of keep moving forward one step at a time. Things will take care of themselves.

Q. Doug, not saying that Comerica is some kind of hitter's park, in Seattle you had Safeco. You had a pretty good defense behind you. Was it difficult leaving a comfort zone of sorts and adjusting into how you're pitching now?
DOUG FISTER: Walking into it I wasn't sure how to approach it. The teammates that I walked into in Detroit here is -- they were welcoming me with open arms. It made it a lot easier. It made this side of baseball easy. Go out there and do our job and come back in and enjoy it.

Q. Doug, is it a different feeling on the day you're pitching, an adrenaline rush or something, when you're in the middle of a pennant race? And is that something you had to learn to channel a little bit?
DOUG FISTER: No. I would like to say things aren't any different, whether I was in Seattle or now in Detroit, whatever ballpark, whatever team we've been playing, it's the same mindset, same approach that we've come in every day, whether I'm pitching or not. Guys have kind of joked with me as far as my routine. I really don't have a routine. My set routine is just kind of flow with the game, enjoy things. But when it comes time to get to work, that's when it starts.

Q. What does this opportunity mean to you? Here you are Game 2 starter, Yankee Stadium, pitching for the Tigers and all eyes are on you?
DOUG FISTER: Obviously, it's quite the honor to have the title of Game 2 starter, but it doesn't change anything, whether it's Game 1 or Game 5. All these games we're playing, all the games that we've played since I got traded have meant just as much as one another. So we're still taking the same mindset, still approaching the game the same way with the fire in our eyes, and ready to go out and play and do what it takes to win.

Q. Can you just expand a little bit upon what you said about not having your routine? Most pitchers are creatures of habit. How does that work for you that you don't have a routine?
DOUG FISTER: You know, I kind of attribute it back to college and those days being able to play positions, coming in every day, yeah, you have certain things you do, but nothing that I have to stick to this regimented schedule because things change, things aren't there or aren't available. So just basically being flexible and being able to kind of roll with the punches. So I've just kind of taken that mentality that no matter if I'm pitching today or tomorrow, I'm coming in ready to work and get the things done today.
THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in.

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