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September 30, 2011

Charlie Wi


Q. Great first couple of days.
CHARLIE WI: Thank you.

Q. How would you assess the last 36 holes?
CHARLIE WI: Well, you know, I've only been here once before in six years, so I was pretty pleased with the way I played. I was here a few years ago, and the scores are so low, I was kind of scared just coming over here, but since I had a couple of weeks off, I thought it was a good time for me to come over from LA.

Q. Is it refreshing for you to play on a golf course that yields a lot of birdies and turns into a shootout?
CHARLIE WI: Well, you know, golf is a funny game. You could be playing well, but that doesn't necessarily turn into a lot of birdies. And I was able to make some putts out there, and I think people that are scoring well out there are making putts.

Q. Does it force you to be aggressive with so many birdies out there heading into the weekend?
CHARLIE WI: I don't think so. Today the pins were much tougher than yesterday. I know there's some good scores out there, but you know, I give credit to Hunter Haas who shot 61. I mean the pins were so tough out there I was really surprised that he was able to shoot that low.

Q. Finally, Charlie, is Vegas your kind of town?
CHARLIE WI: Well, it was four years ago. The lights were on, weren't they? But you know, I'm staying pretty low key this week and having a good time. I got in nothing but trouble, I said, I'm not coming back here.

Q. Charlie, you've been very consistent with two rounds of golf and you find yourself in contention.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I've played really well the last two days. You know, believe it or not, I played really well on Wednesday in the Pro-Am, too, so it feels good to put a few good rounds together where I was able to make a lot of birdies.

Q. Very consistent with your putter as well, 25 and 26 putts in the first 36 holes?
CHARLIE WI: Yeah. The greens are still good out here, and I was able to figure out where the low points were on the greens and were able to read the greens pretty well today.

Q. Everything rolls toward downtown, toward Vegas. Do you spend any time in Vegas?
CHARLIE WI: No. You know what, actually this year I'm staying near the golf course. I'm trying to stay off the strip, so maybe if I get the chance I might go down there and try to gamble some.

Q. Could be a big Sunday night for you. You don't normally have Vegas on your schedule. Why did you decide to play here this year?
CHARLIE WI: Well, I didn't make the BMW this year, so I had three weeks at home. I think my family wanted me to get out of the house a little bit.
You know, I live in LA. It's a really short trip, and you know, it's nice to be here. And you know, I have some friends here, so it's good to be here.

Q. Fall Series is different for every player. You've secured your card. You've won more than a million dollars. How do you approach these four weeks?
CHARLIE WI: Well, I've had a pretty up-and-down this year, and I want to go out with a bang, make sure my game is ready for next year. And you know, I worked really hard the last three weeks, so I want to see how -- I want to perform well for myself the next three weeks, and you know, I want to carry that into 2012.

Q. Good to see hard work paying off.

Q. Charlie, Wednesday is not usually the day that you hear guys talk about kick starting their round, but you can pick up some confidence that day, and you apparently did it.
CHARLIE WI: Yeah, yeah. You know, I made nine birdies on Wednesday, and everything felt really good, and I was able to carry that over. I know guys are pretty shy about playing well on Wednesdays, but score any time when you're out there.

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