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September 30, 2011

Derek Holland


THE MODERATOR: Derek Holland is here. We'll get started.

Q. Derek, last year's postseason experience help you prepare, be ready for this year?
DEREK HOLLAND: Yeah, definitely. I feel a lot more prepared going into this one compared to what I got to experience last year. Definitely going to the World Series helped out in the long run, but the main thing is we're going up against a good team, so I have to stay focused and get ready for these guys.

Q. Where's your confidence level right now? Because it seems like we all know where you were before the All-Star break and after.
DEREK HOLLAND: I feel very confident going into this right now. Especially interacting with my teammates and stuff. Like I said before, I have been spending a lot of time with Michael Young and Kinsler and those guys and talking, and also visiting with my pitchers and discussing things.
I feel pretty good going into this right now.

Q. You faced these guys before obviously and we have been watching on TV as far as Evan Longoria goes the second half of the season, have you noticed anything different with him and his approach?
DEREK HOLLAND: He's on fire right now. He's definitely swinging the bat real well. We have to try to do what we can to control him, but I think if we make our pitches, we'll be able to hopefully settle him down.

Q. Derek, just wondering throughout the year is there one particular pitch that you feel like you've really improved on and has become something that you really rely on more than you had before?
DEREK HOLLAND: I'd say, if anything, it was more location of all of my off-speed pitches. But the big thing that probably jumps out to everybody is my curveball. Obviously I didn't really use that much last year and the beginning of the season, so I probably have to say it is the curveball and the location of my other pitches.

Q. Derek, can you relate to what Matt Moore may be thinking in going through the day and making the start today?
DEREK HOLLAND: It is different for everything. I am sure he is a little anxious to get out of there, but I know he will have a little bit of butterflies in him. It's the first postseason game. I don't know how many games he pitched in the Big Leagues, if he has.
It will be all right. It is about how he controls his emotions; that's the main thing.

Q. How important is having last year in your experience in the playoffs under your belt going into what you're doing this year?
DEREK HOLLAND: It's huge. I think that's going to play a big role. I mean, I have been on the big stage before, so this is just a regular game to me, I think. And just making sure not to let my emotions get best of me. I know that's what happened to me last year.

Q. Derek, the World Series didn't go well for you. Did you dismiss that the next day? Or is that a motivating force for you?
DEREK HOLLAND: I actually joke about it. You have to have fun with it. I can't really sit and like dwell on it. Have fun with it. You know it's something that happened, it's over, you can't go back.
The best way to do it is just to joke about it. Most people I guess don't really realize I did bounce back after that game. Trust me, it's nothing. It is just something that happens, a fluke.

Q. What do you make of your season? I mean, there's that big battle in Spring Training for the rotation and then you're starting the second game of the playoffs.
DEREK HOLLAND: I mean, I've read a lot about it. It was definitely a roller coaster. I had my bumps and bruises.
The main thing is it's not how you start, it's how you finish, and I feel like I finished this pretty well.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thanks, Derek.
DEREK HOLLAND: Thanks, guys.

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