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September 29, 2011

Jack Senior


Q. What a start to your first pro event...
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, didn't play particularly great the first nine holes, I struggled a little bit in the breeze, but on my back nine I started swing much better and striking the ball much better, and fortunately I also managed to hole a few nice putts.

Q. Were you nervous on the first tee?
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, there were a few nerves, but that's why we play the game. Tiger Woods said that if you don't feel any nerves on the first tee you're not really playing the game.

Q. Pretty big event to make your debut in...
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, pretty big event, very lucky to get the invite and it's great to be here to see all the top pros. I could definitely get used to life on The European Tour.

Q. When did you turn pro?
JACK SENIOR: I turned pro just after the Walker Cup so about two and half weeks ago. Played the first stage of the Q School...and then came here this week.

Q. Did you get through the first stage?
JACK SENIOR: Yea, I got through and finished third. Just looking forward to the future now really. I just want to keep playing more tournaments and gaining more experience.

Q. Do you have any more invites?
JACK SENIOR: Yes, I have next week off then I'm going to Rome to play the Challenge Tour event, so I'm really looking forward to that...

Q. Playing with Spoony, seems like a good character...
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, he's a great character and he's very relaxed. And as you said did you feel nervous on the first tee, but probably not with him there. He's such a character he just keeps it so relaxed. I think it's just a great way to break in to the pro ranks, to go out there and play with somebody like Spoony.

Q. You're playing St Andrews tomorrow?
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, it's a lovely golf course there and I've had some good performances there throughout my amateur career, at the St Andrews Links Trophy. So yeah, definitely looking forward to getting out there tomorrow and getting the job done.

Q. Did you have any wins on your amateur career?
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, I won the New South Wales Open, the Lytham Trophy. Just missed out unfortunately on the US Amateur, got to the semis of that. So yeah I've had a pretty good year this year and hopefully I can continue my form this week and see what happens.

Q. Great to bow out on high with the Walker Cup as well...
JACK SENIOR: The Walker Cup was a great experience and we had a great bunch of lads there. That was probably the strongest American side that has ever been put together, you know that's what they said. So to go out there and beat them, especially in front of their home crowd, it was a massive experience.

Q. What about Tom Lewis as well, he seems to have taken to the pro game well...
JACK SENIOR: Yeah, Tom's a professional amateur, we really look at him as that, the way he controls himself and when he walks on to the range people look. He just has that aura around him. He's a great player so he'll do great things.

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