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September 29, 2011

John Daly


Q. Tough course but you obviously played it very well?
JOHN DALY: Yeah, we got a little break. We didn't hit any wind until about the 12th hole. We got a good break there. It played hard the last six or seven holes for us. It's one of those rounds that could have been a little better or a little worse.

Q. Fun week playing with the celebrities; what did you learn about the cricket?
JOHN DALY: Early 90s I got to meet him when I first went over, and me and Ian, we have played a bunch of times before. Great guys. We all play quick.

Q. Great playing in weather like this? We are not used to this in Scotland.
JOHN DALY: Yeah, still, it could be like a fall day in the States. This isn't really warm. But it was funny, yesterday when I went back to St. Andrews after playing Kingsbarns and saw the people swimming, I'm going, that's got to be a little cold.

Q. How are you enjoying your time in Europe? Austria last week, a bit unfortunate how it ended.
JOHN DALY: I love it here. I've always loved it here. I love playing links courses as well and it makes it even more fun. I love the guys on The European Tour. They are all great guys and it's a great tour to play.

Q. What particularly about links golf do you love?
JOHN DALY: The imagination you can have. You can create a lot of shots, you have four or five options, especially like St. Andrews and Carnoustie, you can chip-and-run, putt from a 100 yards off the green. It makes it kind of neat. We don't get to play that much.

Q. Is it Kingsbarns tomorrow for you?
JOHN DALY: St. Andrews.

Q. If the weather is like this, it could be a day for going low.
JOHN DALY: If the wind blows like this, it makes the links courses hard. But if there's no wind, if you hit it decent, you can score well. To me, St. Andrews, it doesn't matter what I shoot. I just love playing there.

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