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September 28, 2011

Charley Hoffman


Q. Just kind of start off, you just played the course. Do you see any difference with the course being played, you know, the tournament so much earlier this year? Any difference in the course?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. Big change in the course. I think it's definitely a lot lusher this year. The rough's up a little bit more. The Bermuda thrives in this heat. So the course is in as good of condition as you could ever dream of. It's in great shape.

Q. And what's it like coming back every year? You got a lot of ties here and college and all that.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. It's great. Las Vegas is obviously my adopted hometown, went to college here, and now my main residence is here in Las Vegas. And my foundation does an event. We raise over $100,000 for local charities this week. So the tournament means a lot to me, and the community. And we always enjoy coming to play here in Las Vegas.

Q. Going to the Kodak Challenge, you're, I think, three shots behind childhood friend, Bill Lunde. Bill said there's been a lot of smack talk going on and that you're maybe even considering playing as many Fall Series events as you have to to catch him.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You know, obviously we always root for each other, but when his name's on the scoreboard, I want to beat him more than anybody else. So obviously I want to get up there and try to make a run.
I'm committed to play next week, but if I make eagle this week, I'm definitely going to play next week, and we'll see if I don't. And hopefully I'll get a birdie on the par-5. But it's definitely an eagleable hole. I've done some research. He hasn't made any eagles, so if I get an eagle and a couple more birdies, I can actually win the event.
So -- but I don't think I can do it without making eagle because I haven't played enough holes. He's played a lot more holes than me so he's thrown out some pars that I still have in there. So I gotta make an eagle this week, and definitely could add a few more events to end the year if I do that.

Q. Have you been eyeing the drivable par-4 next week at Frys, too? Are you kind of thinking about that?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I have noticed. So those two are definitely on the radar, and to make it happen I gotta make an eagle, but that's not to say he can't make an eagle. It's pretty much over with if he makes an eagle on one of those two holes.
So I'm going to give him a run. He already told me he'd never talk to me again if I beat him, and then I asked him if he promised. No, kidding.
But no, it's all in good fun and we're all trying to win a million dollars here.

Q. Do you find yourself out practicing a little more this week?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. Bill and I have been playing here obviously since college. But we've been out here all week. Neither one of us, unfortunately, made the TOUR Championship. So we've been out here all week.
I was actually encouraging him to make eagle during the practice round because I knew if he made eagle there, he probably wouldn't have -- the percentage would go down. But no, we've been practicing. We know the hole, and gotta hit a good drive to have an opportunity to make eagle.

Q. Sounds good. Thanks a lot, Charlie.

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