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June 14, 1999

Stu Barnes

Curtis Brown

Dominik Hasek

Miroslav Satan

Rhett Warrener


RHETT WARRENER: One thing we should be doing is maybe we ought to be a little more patient since I think we came back here and after the first two games in Dallas we didn't score a lot. I think everyone was thinking that maybe we are going to -- maybe against a team like that you are not going to get four, five goals; maybe not even three. Might have to win a Game 1-0. I think that has been brought up and I think that has been one of things we have to focus on.

Q. You are really facing a situation where you don't want to go back to Dallas down 3-1. This is one of the must-win-its. You hate to hear that but it really is true.

RHETT WARRENER: We have looked at that. We have looked at every game like that. It is a big game for us. You don't want to be down 2-1. We dug ourself a little hole here and we have got to climb out of here. Got to get ready for the next game and come out with a big difference.

Q. Joe Nieuwendyk has been spectacular and the whole line. What are you guys going to have to do to contain him?

RHETT WARRENER: They have a hard-working line and they work you down low and they are good at it. It's just got to be stronger all around. Got to slow them down, come out of our end and in the neutral zone and hold them up in our end, get a stick on them, if we can, and try and contain them from controlling the puck as much as they are.

STU BARNES: I think the time off has been good. We have had time before the series to really focus and we have had a couple days now to really focus on Game 4.

Q. What was said in the team meeting yesterday? You guys didn't....

STU BARNES: Just most important thing now is to look forward to Game 4 and to be prepared.

Q. Lindy mentioned yesterday some things he is going to working on; generate more offense; contain lines. Any specific things that you can share?

STU BARNES: Nothing really yet. I am sure we will watch a video later date and talk about some more things.

Q. How important is it to get the win tomorrow night knowing that 3-1 deficit at this stage of the game is pretty big?

STU BARNES: Sure, it is a big game. I think obviously we don't want to have to go back to Dallas down 3-1; that would be a pretty tough challenge. We are really not looking past tomorrow night. We just want to go out and play our best tomorrow night; give it our best and hopefully it will work out for us.

Q. Any adjustments you guys have made in practice; make adjustments.....

STU BARNES: Nothing yet. They are a great shot-blocker team. They are so good. They got guys that are great at it; probably best guys in the League. I am sure we will make some adjustments, but, again, nothing specific yet.

Q. Were the guys in good spirits today?

CURTIS BROWN: Yeah, I think it was one with a lot of focus. We know what we have to do. We went over some video. We will go over some more video tonight when we are at the hotel. Those types of things are important. You got to look at things -- sometimes when people tell you them and you are out on the ice it is tough to see where they are coming from. On the video it shows everything. Now we know what we got to do now; it is just a matter of going out and doing it.

Q. You have got to generate more offense, obviously. What do you do generally speaking to break out of that (inaudible) --

CURTIS BROWN: One of things, no secret, they block a lot of shots. One key that we have been working on is got to make sure those shots get through. Sometimes we are taking too much time winding up for the big slap shot. Everyone knows that if you just get the puck to the net, good things happen. So we are just going to try to work on that and cut down the number of blocked shots.

Q. You probably do the same thing to their goalie that they are doing to yours, traffic in front, and trying to make it more difficult for him to make second saves....

CURTIS BROWN: That is no big secret; doesn't matter who you play against. You are playing against a world class goalie throughout the whole Playoffs. That is where we have got our success from driving to the net, staying there for rebounds; you don't have to go in there and bump guys around because that is not part of the game. What it is, you have got to get in there, cause a screen; maybe that will cause a rebound, in turn have a goal, so that is what we are going to try to focus on.

Q. Is Dallas doing something different against you than some of the other teams you have played against so far?

MIROSLAV SATAN: I think they are playing neutral zone different and their forwards coming back real hard and causing -- they have basically nothing to do there (inaudible), they are squashed by two guys. They are playing consistent.

Q. Are you going to try to do something different against their defense?

MIROSLAV SATAN: For sure we are going to try something different. We will see how it is going to work out. Get back in the series.

Q. Guys are so good on the powerplay in Game 1 and 2. And in Game 3 they seemed to negate everything. Anything different against their penalty killing --

MIROSLAV SATAN: We have been scoring in powerplay almost every game, but can't expect it to be in every single game and last game we didn't play very good on powerplay and they got to correct something. We got to go through the video tonight and, for sure, there is going to be some things.

Q. Any advantage as a team and certainly as an individual in your speed, how do you create that speed before you get to their blue line in the neutral zone; how do you get more open on the --

MIROSLAV SATAN: I can't answer this question. There is no too much room there, I don't know what the strategy is for tomorrow, but definitely we are going to try something else.

Q. How frustrating is it; has it been for you?

MIROSLAV SATAN: Obviously it is frustrating for all of us. We lost -- we are down in the series, but we haven't played too many bad games in the Playoffs so, hopefully we can get back with the play before and get back in the series, tie the series.

Q. From your perspective watching the game the other night, what did Dallas do differently? We have seen them play great defense before, but how were they able to smother your team?

DOMINIK HASEK: Well, it was a really bad game for us. We could see some replays coaches told us that we done wrong and we didn't forecheck. Like offensively we didn't create anything, we didn't play like a team; didn't play like a unit. That was the big difference. And, of course, you have to give credit to the Dallas Stars, we know they are the best defensive team in the League, but still we believe the way we played we can not win. We have to play better.

Q. Two days off. Do you think your team can skate better and play a better game?

DOMINIK HASEK: I hope so. I believe so. It was one of our worse games in the Playoffs that we played this year and we know we can play better. We know we can create much more chances and we have to score a couple more goals. Like I say, it was a bad game and we can play better.

Q. Is there a lot of pressure knowing that if you don't win Game 4 things are going to look pretty grim here?

DOMINIK HASEK: Yeah, we feel the pressure. We know that it is a very important game. We don't want to be go to Dallas and be down 3-1. But we never been down 2-1 this year, but it really doesn't mean anything. We have to go and play better and win the Game 4.

Q. What was the atmosphere in practice; everybody still up?

DOMINIK HASEK: I think we had a really good meeting yesterday and we talked about what we did wrong and I think we feel pretty confident in this locker room.

Q. Talk about the fact that one of the positives, I suppose, from your standpoint, they didn't get a lot of good scoring chances, although they did have 29 shots. Talk about that.

DOMINIK HASEK: Defensively we didn't play a good job and the defense in front of me, and I cannot blame anybody, they didn't have too many scoring chances; on forecheck they had Nieuwendyk and Langenbrunner and they outwork us in the corners and around the net and they score two goals.

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