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September 25, 2011

Webb Simpson


Q. What did you know and when did you know it?
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know a whole lot. I know that Aaron Baddeley is my good friend right now. But you know, it's tough. I'm in a tough situation because Bill Haas is a great friend. I'm pulling for him to play well. I'm kind of already at the point where whatever happens, happens. I won't take any negatives from it. It's been a great year.
I think FedEx and the PGA TOUR and what they've done for these Playoffs is so perfect and exciting because I finished 10th, win, 5th, and I've still got to come here and play good golf to win the FedExCup. I think that's what the Playoffs are all about. If I come up short, it stinks, but the other finishes aren't too shabby.
A little disappointed I didn't play any better, but I'm pretty tired right now, and it's kind of shown in my golf game this week.

Q. Is it more than fatigue, do you think, than nerves, paying attention to the points?
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, it was tough. I told you guys on Wednesday that it's easy to relax in this environment with no cut and $8 million purse and only 30 guys. I said I was going to try to fight against that, but I kind of fell victim to it. It was almost lack of nerves starting the week. I almost wish I was more nervous.
And today, Paul and I, my caddie, we were both kind of excited because we were both nervous. Usually in the past when I'm nervous, I focus a little better and play a little better, but it was just my driver pretty much all week. Irons were fine, putter was fine, I just never got the ball in the fairway.

Q. Was there a point during your round today that you started to maybe press, knowing that you had to go low?
WEBB SIMPSON: I never gave up, but the cord snaps and you kind of get over it, so to say. That was after I bogeyed 12. Not to say you don't care, but you don't care about the results anymore, in a good way, and I made a couple birdies right after that and kind of felt a little more relaxed. You know, I hit a great putt on 17; I don't know how it didn't go in. And another good putt on 18.
It's just my starts every day. Besides the first day I started, I was a few over every day through five or six holes, so that kind of killed me.

Q. Did you have a target, like playing for 13th place or 15th place? It's a little different than playing to win.
WEBB SIMPSON: I didn't. I mean, it's just too hard to do that. I didn't even have a score in mind. I just kept doing what I've done all year, and that's take it one shot at a time and add them up at the end. It's just too hard, too many guys out there and too many variables to try to set a goal of a score.

Q. After your second birdie on the back, you actually were No. 1 in the FedExCup standings even with all that's going on on the front nine. Is that really the right format that someone who's shooting over par and is way far behind is drawing all this attention?
WEBB SIMPSON: I mean, I think it is because you can't -- I don't think you can wipe all the points away from the first three events and start from scratch here. I just don't think that would accurately show who the best player in the Playoffs is. I think what they do, handicapping everybody, is perfect. If a guy wins the first three events, he shouldn't be automatically the FedExCup champion. But at the same time, the guy who finishes -- he comes in at 30th and he has a great week and wins it all, I think that's a little too extreme. I think balancing it out, they've done a good job of it.

Q. What have you learned from this week and what will you take going forward?
WEBB SIMPSON: I don't know, it's a little early, I think, for me to look back. But you know, I won't look at this week - or if I don't win the FedExCup, I won't look at that as defining my year. I've won twice, played some good golf. I'm going to have my head held high and take all the positives from this year and come out next year and try to be a better player.

Q. Are you much of a NASCAR fan?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, should be, living in Charlotte, but I'm not.

Q. Just because NASCAR is kind of the same, you go to the last race, a guy drives safe, doesn't crash, finishes 26th, pops the champagne at the end.
WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, I mean, I'm on the PAC this year, and we've talked about it a lot, and we've talked about Q-school a lot and all the configurations of how the system is going to work. You know, there's no set, perfect system I don't think, but I think they've done a great job of getting this to where we are now. I don't really see how it would improve.

Q. Does any part of you want to go out and scream your head off in Baddeley's gallery?
WEBB SIMPSON: No, I saw him last night and told him to play well today, so he'll do fine, I'm sure.

Q. What will you do between now and when the final putt drops?
WEBB SIMPSON: I'll probably just go hang out in the clubhouse.

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