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September 25, 2011

Brittany Lang


Q. How does it feel to be the first person to get the American's a point?
BRITTANY LANG: It feels good. I felt like I let my team down because I didn't play the past few days. So I was determined to get a point and I was very happy.

Q. It's incredibly close. Are you aware of how tight this match is going to be?
BRITTANY LANG: I've kept an eye on it. It's going to come down to the wire. If USA is going to win, we need one of those 1-up matches to go the other way. It's going to be close. They're playing well.

Q. Was it difficult with the rain when play was suspended?
BRITTANY LANG: It was extremely difficult early on. We were hitting 3-woods into the par-4s and 4-irons. Right now the conditions are perfect. Not bad at all. It was really difficult to even make pars early on.

Q. Are you happy to have won this match?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm extremely happy. Like I said, I didn't play that well Friday and Saturday, so I'm happy to get a point for my team, and I still feel like I let them down a bit, but this helps a lot.

Q. Were you aware of Cristie's problem with her wrist?
BRITTANY LANG: Yeah, I heard about it. It's really been bothering her.
She played great the last two days, so she shouldn't worry about it a bit. But, yeah, I did hear about it, and it's too bad she couldn't play.

Q. It's very tight between the USA and Europe. What are you going to do to follow the team?
BRITTANY LANG: I'm going to go follow my girls and cheer them on and pray. With a little bit of luck, hopefully we'll pull it out.

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