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September 24, 2011

Steve Stricker


Q. 1-under par today. Comment on your round.
STEVE STRICKER: You know, it was a good, solid round. I had the opportunity to get in there and be a couple shots better but just didn't make a couple putts when I had to coming down the stretch. But overall I played pretty solidly.

Q. How did the arm feel today?
STEVE STRICKER: It felt really good today, and I don't know why. But it felt really good, and I felt a lot stronger today. I don't know if the heat and -- if that helped, but it felt good, or the shots maybe, just had another day to help. And I warmed up a little bit different today, too. I gave myself a lot more time before I went out, and I think that helped some, too.

Q. Having had a cortisone shot on Monday, you're expecting each day to be better, so how much was yesterday a concern for you?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it was kind of a little bit of a downer yesterday, and I just -- I had no -- I just didn't have a good feeling about yesterday, how I played, how I felt, what was going on there with my arm. It was kind of a frustrating day. I hung in there nicely, but I was more concerned about how I was feeling than the state of my game, really, yesterday.
And today I could focus a little bit more on golf and try to hit some good shots.

Q. Swing-wise, what's the byproduct? Do you miss to the right? Do you get quick? Is there a thing that comes up mechanically because of the arm?
STEVE STRICKER: You know, I think there are -- mentally there was an uneasiness on really what to expect.
At Cog Hill last week, I couldn't get through it, and then my tempo got quicker because I was trying to get through it. So it was just kind of messing with my swing, and I really have basic swing thoughts, and I couldn't do them. I felt like I just had no power to get the club back in front of me, especially longer clubs.
It felt a lot better today. I was really happy the way it felt today.

Q. Do you have worries that you might hurt it more long-term if you play?
STEVE STRICKER: The doctor told me, on Monday, he feels like I can't hurt it by playing, so that's why the MRI was put off until after I'm done, just so -- and he made a good point, to do the MRI after this week so I could really just concentrate on playing and not worry about what the MRI said. So that's why I put it off, and I'll see Tuesday to what extent it is. But I'm not having any pain, so I think -- he's telling me that's a good sign, that I'm not having any pain.

Q. Have you had any issues in that area before in your career?
STEVE STRICKER: Yeah, it came up last December was my first --

Q. But that's the first time?

Q. You're one of three players that's been at every TOUR Championship. That seems to be a pretty enviable statement for consistency. Is that something that means something to you?
STEVE STRICKER: Sure, yeah. If you can make it here year after year, it shows your consistency, your level of play each year. Yeah, and this is the spot where you want to end up at the end of the year is right here. Yeah, that means a lot, and to show only three guys have done it, that shows you how tough it is. Yeah, that's nice.

Q. Given what the doctor said on Monday, that you couldn't hurt it by playing, when did you first have some concerns about the Presidents Cup?
STEVE STRICKER: You know, kind of yesterday, just because it felt like it wasn't getting any better. It was starting to affect how I play. I was doing things that weren't typical of my game this whole entire year. That's when I started -- it started bothering me, started -- I started worrying about it a little bit. But I've got a lot of time in between now and The Presidents Cup. I've got seven weeks to rest it, rehab it, or whatever he tells me to do to get it better. We've got that time period to get it better.

Q. Do you feel pretty optimistic today as compared to your comments yesterday? If I were to ask you if you thought you were going to play The Presidents Cup would you put a percentage on it?
STEVE STRICKER: I plan on playing, I really do, unless this thing on Tuesday tells me something different. But I think the rest is going to help hopefully. But I want to be there, and I plan on being there. And I think, like I said, the rest and probably a little bit of rehab, I should be able to do it.

Q. For these guys who have a shot at the $10 million tomorrow, is there any way they can't think about that? I know you try not to and you guys have played for a lot of money, but that's --
STEVE STRICKER: That's another level, yeah, ten times.
No, I don't think there's any way that they won't be thinking about it. I mean, it's just a different animal. Like you say, it's ten times as much as we play for on a weekly basis for the winner's check. Plus if the guy wins the tournament, it's $11 million. No, it'll be coming into their minds quite a bit, I imagine, and it'll be tough. It'll be tough down the stretch.

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