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September 24, 2011

Paula Creamer

Brittany Lincicome


MIKE SCANLAN: We'd like to welcome Paula and Brittany to the interview room. Nice victory today over Maria and Aza, both of whom were playing pretty well coming into the afternoon. If you would, just take us through your match this afternoon and how you played?
PAULA CREAMER: Bam should talk. She's the one that played great. So go ahead, Brit.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: It's obviously a team effort, but it seemed every putt I looked at went in, whether it was to halve a hole or make an eagle and tie the hole like we did on 7, it just everything was going in.
And Paula there telling me we can do it, let's go. We're not going to 18, because our match the other day had gone to 18, so we didn't want to play that hole again. Just that firing me up really gets me going and just putted really well.
MIKE SCANLAN: How nice did it feel to get that final point of the day and tie things up heading into singles where the U.S. has traditionally you guys have had an advantage?
PAULA CREAMER: No, that was big. Those last three points were huge for us. Just the momentum, the team room will have a great vibe. We're all very pumped up. We want to do really well. Especially going into singles, we feel like everybody is where we want to be.
But it's good. Everybody's just, we're fighting it out. We're grinding them to the end, and it's really nice to see on the leaderboard when you see these people fighting back and getting those points up there.

Q. Paula, we'll find out the singles pairings soon anyway, but you're unbeaten in singles. You're unbeaten here. Are you going to be the obvious choice to go out first and get some American points on the board early?
PAULA CREAMER: I have no idea. Honestly, I really don't. I don't know. Wherever I'm at, I'm going to fight it out as hard as I can. I'm going to try to get that point up as early as I can. It's going to be a good match. The girls know my record, so I'm going to have to go out and play my game and play strong. Whoever it is, it's going to be a good match.

Q. Do you feel any extra pressure with that sort of 3-0 record so far?
PAULA CREAMER: I mean, it's a good record. I love match play. I love just mentally when you're playing an opponent, you're not playing the golf course, I love that.
We'll see what happens. You know, I always put the most pressure on myself, so, of course, I want to win. But I need to also do my own thing and not worry about what's happened in the past.

Q. Paula and Brittany, tell us what Sunday's singles is like in this event and how it might be different than anything else you do, including majors?
PAULA CREAMER: There's really nothing like a Sunday singles. You can't really compare it to anything. Of course U.S. Opens, majors, Kraft, whatever, it is means a lot. But this is a totally different feeling because you need to get those points out as soon as you can. You want to show positive with red numbers up on that board and going up in matches.
I think that all of us are very determined. We want to bring that cup back home. But as in feelings, there is nothing that can compare, in my eyes, to anything else.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I'm the same. You're not playing each girl individually and trying to win for yourself. Obviously, it's a team. So when you see more red on the board, that pumps you up to do better. So when you're out there, it's like okay, I need to do good for my team. Everyone's watching what I'm doing, and you just try to do good for the whole team. You want to get some red on there.

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