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September 23, 2011

Adam Scott


LAURA HILL: We'd like to welcome Adam Scott to the interview room. Birdie-birdie finish doesn't happen often out on this golf course. Talk about your round today and putting yourself in position for this weekend.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, great finish for the day. I felt overall I played well, but there was some sloppy stuff early on and managed to put it all back together, so I was happy with that after a poor start, but in great shape with two days to go. I'm very pleased with what I've done so far.

Q. 17 and 18 not exactly the easiest holes to make birdie on, and you birdied both of them today. Just kind of talk about those two holes and how they worked out for you.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, 17, I think, is playing particularly difficult today. The tee shot with the left-to-right wind is not very easy, and I hit a really nice tee shot but ended up in a divot and managed to squeeze a 9-iron out pretty close there actually. Kind of fortunate in a way.
And then 18, obviously, is just always a pretty tough hole. It's a long hole. But it set up good for me today. I could just draw -- turn a 3-iron over on the wind, and I knew it would be the right club. I felt pretty comfortable when I got to that tee and made a couple nice putts on those holes. Yeah, I've actually birdied them both days so far, so I'd like that trend to continue.

Q. When you got to the third green, I did a quick head count. I think there were 60 people around there, and there are probably 10 in here. Have you ever seen a more subdued $11 million sporting event?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know. You know, I think it's not down to the wire just yet. The weekend hopefully everyone is going to come out and see how this whole thing unfolds, probably a lot of stories happening at the moment.
You know, we'll give it the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Let's hope for a big turnout on the weekend.

Q. From a player's perspective is it a better, more relaxed atmosphere?
ADAM SCOTT: It's not a bad atmosphere out there. By the end of the day there were plenty of people making some noise, 16, 17, 18, which is enjoyable. But it is what it is. I mean, Jason and I only attract so many people, so I can't control that really. I don't have that many friends in Atlanta.

Q. You're just not pulling a gallery like you used to?
ADAM SCOTT: No, I mean, I'm over 30. Jason is --

Q. He's married.
ADAM SCOTT: He's married. It's different times. (Laughter.)

Q. Do you know your scenario, what needs to happen, the dominos that need to fall? You've got to win obviously.
ADAM SCOTT: I've got to win, and I imagine Webb must have to finish pretty lowly to give me a chance. Yeah, that's all I know. I don't know anything past that. I just figured if I win this week, I'll be happy no matter what. I'll finish what I think has been a really good season, moving in the right direction with everything, and look forward to next season. I couldn't wait for it to start if I were to win this week.

Q. Just take me through the mindset after 6. That could have gone completely the other direction, yet four in a row, five out of six. It didn't look like you were that up at that point.
ADAM SCOTT: No, I was pretty annoyed at myself, but I'm playing too good to let myself slip away at the moment.
Last week that's what I did. You know, it just slipped away to where I could never get anything happening again. I played good last week but never got any momentum, and it was happening here early today where I was going the wrong direction. After hitting the fairway on 7, I just said to myself, this is the time where you just take dead aim and you stand up and hit a golf shot. The way I'm playing, I should be able to do that, because I feel like I'm swinging the club really well, and that's what I did and took advantage of it and then just went on from there, you know, because I feel like I'd be disappointed if I didn't have a good result this week and I finished 20-something in the FedExCup. I honestly believe I've had a better year than that, but I've got to go out and earn it. That's kind of what I was thinking.

Q. Nice to see some of those longer putts drop. Given that that's what's been so great most of the year, is there any reason why you think that's fallen away?
ADAM SCOTT: You know, just lost a little confidence last week reading the greens, never got anything started on line that looked like going in, and even a couple putts yesterday and today, just good putts that weren't quite on line. But today was a lot better, getting a few going in and started getting a nice roll on the ball and starting them on a good line. So that's positive going into the weekend because it was nice to -- it was a much freer approach to putting, more like I'd been doing for the whole year, so it felt good today.

Q. How much can you put down of your play this week to your familiarity and good results here in the past and positive mojo? Seems like a couple of careers for you, five years, been a lot of things that have happened between then and now, but you've won here, which has got to be worth something.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think so. Look, this is a great golf course, and I think it's a real challenge. Yeah, a little bit of it is a good feel for me around here, but I really believe I'm playing as good as I have all season from tee to green. I feel very good with my golf swing now, hitting a lot of nice shots, really shaping the ball nicely, probably better than I ever have that I can remember. So I think that's also a reason why I'm playing well.

Q. That could do it.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, feeling pretty good with the club in my hand at the moment. But again, you've got to put it all together. Like I said, I'm really trying hard to make the most of it and just not letting up on myself.

Q. Yesterday looked like a PGA leaderboard with Bradley and Dufner. Today the top of the board who has five guys who contended at Augusta, you and Day and Choi and Donald. Is that just coincidence? Is there going to be any rhyme or reason?
ADAM SCOTT: Maybe Georgia. We've seen Zach Johnson is a big Georgia guy, right? He wins in Georgia. But I don't know, I think it's just coincidence. You get a bunch of good players together, and these things are going to unfold like this. But you know, I think everyone is just enjoying being here and trying to do the best they can because there's a lot at stake obviously.

Q. Let's just say the chips fall where they need to, you win, you win the FedExCup. What do you do percentage-wise for the caddie? What do the guys do with that? Is that separate from your typical wings and percentage share?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't know what other guys do, but certainly my coach and my caddie will be getting a percentage of that, absolutely. It might not be the regular percentage, though. (Laughter.)

Q. You played with Jason obviously today, and it does appear that you two can feed off each other quite often. Jason admits that when you get going, it makes him want to get going. Is it a benefit to have someone like that with you?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, absolutely. Look, I really enjoy playing with Jason, and I really think very highly of his game, but also the way he is approaching everything for such a young guy, and I've told him that. You know, it's a challenge for me to try and keep pace with him because he is a young guy who's just on his way up still and just full of confidence playing some really great golf, so it's a challenge for me to try and keep pace with him and show him the old guys still have a little bit of something, too.

Q. Does your win here seem like a long time ago or yesterday or a little bit of both?
ADAM SCOTT: A little bit of both. All these things -- when you think about everything that's happened in five years, it's a long time ago. But you know, I remember it very well. I was lost at the start of that week -- not lost, but I wasn't playing well. And I got a great tip from Butch, and there you go, just one thing, just like Justin had last week. It's funny how that one little thing can feel good for a week and off you go. Finished off a great year for me in '06, where I hadn't won but I'd been up there so much.
Like I was saying before, I feel like it would finish off a great year for me this year, and I just feel like if I can play well the next two days, give myself a chance at winning, I'd be very happy going home.

Q. What are you playing in Australia? What's on the docket, or Asia, part of the run-up to the Presidents Cup?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, in Australia I'm playing the Australian Open and The Presidents Cup and then the Australian PGA. And I'll most likely play the week before the Australian Open in China at the HSBC.

Q. I just wondered if your caddie has been giving you much banter about the rugby World Cup or has he been fairly diplomatic?
ADAM SCOTT: Diplomatic is not in his vocabulary (laughter). But no, look, Australia hasn't played New Zealand yet, which is quite good for us at the moment, but when that happens, it's going to be on for sure, although Australia won the last time they played New Zealand. So he's keeping quiet for now.

Q. Did he have much to say after Australia's unexpected loss to Ireland or did he keep quiet?
ADAM SCOTT: No, he had a big smile on his face that morning when I saw him, but it kind of spoiled it for him because that kind of means that Australia probably won't play New Zealand in the final. It's going to be a semifinal if they do meet now, unless France wins or unless Italy can beat Ireland, also. Anyway, there's been a bit of talk about the World Cup. But I'm keeping quiet because certainly New Zealand looks pretty good.
LAURA HILL: Adam, thank you so much. Good luck this weekend.

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