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September 23, 2011

Paula Creamer

Morgan Pressel


MIKE SCANLAN: Congratulations on your 1-up victory today. Morgan, great birdie on the 18th hole. If you guys would, quickly take us through the day from start to finish, and most notably, your match this afternoon. Paula?
PAULA CREAMER: The morning match or just this match?
MIKE SCANLAN: Just the whole day.
MORGAN PRESSEL: Um, well, we got off to a good start. Both matches we were up early. It was a definite four seasons out there, that's for sure. I mean, it was so windy when we made the turn at the turn of the second match. It was a completely different golf course. It was like when we went out and practiced one windy day here.
But I played great. I played great both matches, made a lot of really good putts. It's fun when you have two different partners and both are your good friends. Watching the putt on 18 was pretty much one of the highlights of the day for me.
MIKE SCANLAN: Morgan, can you take us through the 18th hole? You set yourself up and then you had the opportunity to win it. What was that putt like? What was that hole like?
MORGAN PRESSEL: Yeah, it was kind of funny, because when we walked up to the fairway, I hit it past both of them, well, all three of them. I hit it past you too (laughing).
MORGAN PRESSEL: I looked at Laura, and I said, Laura, you better watch out. Don't mind my golf ball way ahead of yours. I had a chance. They both hit a good shots. I didn't hit necessarily a great shot, but I gave myself a putt.
In match play they say first one in. And Paula hit a good putt down there for par, so I knew I could give it a run, and it went in. It was my turn to contribute.
MIKE SCANLAN: Given the amount of blue that was on the scoreboard all day, how nice did it feel to get that point for the U.S.?
PAULA CREAMER: It was very important. Both times I told Morgan walking to 17, I was 1-down. I said we're not losing. We're halving. Obviously, you want a win, but a halve is just as big as a win.
When we got up on to the 17th green, we saw Michelle and Cristie fought back to All Square, and we said we'll do the same thing here, and we did. The putt on 18 to get a full point was huge.

Q. Did you think it was rather a good match the way it ended?
PAULA CREAMER: Laura played great. I haven't seen Laura make so many putts today. It was fun to watch L.D. play well, too, because everything she did, she did well. We had to make birdies on top of birdies. It was a good match.
That front nine, either way, it could have gone -- it was just overall, like I said -- and Melissa played really well, too. When she had to, she made some really big putts.

Q. So it was a very big match to win against those two?
PAULA CREAMER: Oh, of course. Laura is the queen of Solheim. She's the person that her team looks up to and you see that. It's a big match. It's always, especially being first out too. You kind of set the pace.

Q. You've obviously got a very good record in Solheim Cup, but your putting today was sensational. Would that rank as one of your better days of putting?
PAULA CREAMER: It was a great day. I made putts when I had to, whether it was in the morning for big par putts or this afternoon when I had to make a birdie on top of a birdie.
And that's the Solheim. When you have to do it, you grind it out no matter what. You find it inside of you to make it.

Q. What was the crowd like today, and secondly, is the weather an advantage for Europe, do you think?
PAULA CREAMER: For Europe? Oh, yes. We don't play with mittens. We don't do any of that kind of stuff. Constantly taking jacket on and off, swinging in layers. We don't have that really, so it is an advantage to them, especially playing in the wind. We don't really do that that much either, these kind of shots.
The crowd was great. Early on, there was a lot going on. I think that everybody was very respectful for both teams. I've said that coming into this week. The people here in Ireland are great. They love golf. They love watching good golf.
Europe obviously has the advantage of being here at home or being on home soil, but our USA fans were right there with them, chanting against them, which is great to hear for us.

Q. Just wondered if you guys have any idea why the pace of play was so slow?
PAULA CREAMER: Because it's blowing I think 35 miles per hour and there's lots of decisions to be made. Unfortunately, we've been battling that this whole year, slow play. I think we all need to be a little bit harder on each other and say, hey, got to pick it up.
But we want it so bad we're not going to make a mistake, because we're trying to play a little bit faster, but the pace is a little bit too slow.
MORGAN PRESSEL: I think we played in 5:20 this afternoon, a foursome.
PAULA CREAMER: That's a normal threesome for us.
MORGAN PRESSEL: I think that's pretty quick, especially in these conditions. I was actually surprised when we got to 18, and it was only 5:20, I thought it was actually longer than that. But it's because you're out there for so long, the wind takes a lot out of you.

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